CentraState Medical Library News

Spring 2016

What's New @ Your Library

Robin Siegel, who served as CentraState's Medical Librarian for 36 years, retired on March 1, 2016. Your new librarian, Christine Forbes, is a registered nurse with a master's degree in Library and Information Science from Rutgers University.

Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality: Patient Safety Network

AHRQ PSNet offers free continuing medical education (CME) credit for physicians and continuing education units (CEU) for nurses for completion of brief case study modules. Each module contains an actual case submitted by practicing clinicians, with expert commentary addressing issues of patient safety and medical errors.

Spotlight App: DynaMed

DynaMed, which is an evidence-based point-of-care reference database, has an updated mobile app, which you can use for free if you authenticate through the library. Follow the steps below. If you have the old app, you must first remove it from your device.

To download and authenticate the DynaMed app:

  1. Download the free DynaMed app from the iTunes App store/Google Play
  2. Click here to access DynaMed from CentraState (you must be logged on to the hospital internet for authentication)
  3. Click on the Mobile link in the DynaMed toolbar at the top of the screen
  4. Enter your email address and click "send"
  5. An authentication link will be emailed to you
  6. Open the email from your mobile device and tap the authentication link to authenticate the app

The DynaMed App should open on your device and begin the initial content download. If you have trouble, please contact your librarian.

Trip Database

Trip is a free clinical search engine that emphasizes evidence-based medicine (EBM). Users can refine results by evidence type, including: primary research, systematic reviews, guidelines, and evidence-based synopses. Trip also provides links to patient decision aids and patient education handouts.

Contact Your Librarian

Your librarian is happy to perform literature searches or provide you with information about medical resources. Please feel free to call, email, or stop by the library for assistance.