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What happened in March?

It has been a quieter month in March, everyone has been recovering from grant writing and many team members have been preparing for TSANZ. This month will be much the same, as we prepare for the onslaught of a high fat CF diet, let's call it Easter, that time of the year when it is ok to have chocolate for breakfast. Behind the scenes, our institute changed name, we are now known as Telethon Kids Institute. You may have noticed that our email address's have changed, however our old email address's will redirect to the new. We have a new logo as well and the name is slowly growing on us.

For this reason I held off on the release of the new website, of which I am glad I did, this has saved me a mountain of potential havoc (which I need to avoid). Work is now in full swing and the results will be shared with your all very soon. I do want to feature you all on the website so please have your bios with me as soon as your can (you know who you are). Our focus for the website is our AREST CF community and families, it will be an important point of information for them.

Remember this newsletter is for us to share information between us. If you have something to share please let me know.

Wishing you a safe and happy Easter.


CI's please respond urgently to the out of session CI meeting email send on 1st April 14

Contact List in SharePoint

In SharePoint there is a "contact list", here you can put your current contact details. Please update the list with your details so if someone needs to contact you they can refer here.

Could all Telethon Kids staff please update your email and location. Click the link above.

New PowerPoint Presentation Slides

You asked for we have it. New presentation slides have now been created. There is the standard front page and back page, however there is slides 2, 3 and 4 to choose from to make your AREST presentation really stand out in the crowd. Can you please use the presentation that is on SharePoint as this always has the most up to date acknowledgments on the final side.