Zombie Apocalypse survival guide

Great plains

Description: The great plains have flat land, they are known for grassland. The Great plains are a common area for tornadoes.

Rating: I give this region a rating of 3, because you might have some trouble finding a place to hide since there's not a lot of trees, and because the tornadoes will be a problem, but there is a lot of space.

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Rocky Mountains

Description: The rocky mountains stretch from Alaska to New Mexico. The rocky mountains are younger and taller than the Appalachian mountains , the rocky mountains are rugged and pointy they also contain the Continental divide.

Rating: I give the rocky mountains a rating of 5 because the Zombies will have trouble climbing the mountains, but you will have to climb the mountains really fast or else they will get you.

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Coastal Range

Description: The coastal range is located along the pacific ocean and stretches from Canada to Mexico. The Coastal range is made up of rugged mountains, fertile valleys, and rocky beaches. Some of the mountain ranges are Sierr Nevadas and the Cascades.

Rating: I give the the coastal range a rating of 6 because you will have trouble getting over the mountains but once you get to the shore you can go on your boat or ship and sail away.

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