The Tiny Table

By: Ajay and Om

The Tiny Table

The Tiny Table is a coffee table that can be used in your everyday lifestyle. It will fit into almost any home. We created The Tiny Table through a long yet fun process. The Tiny Table took three months to build! The whole table is made out of cardboard. We saved this cardboard from going into local landfills, so when you buy The Tiny Table, feel proud that you have helped the environment.

Sick Kids Needs Help!

100% of our proceeds goes to SickKids. SickKids is a local hospital that many young children use for various injuries or diseases. They need SickKids to help them, and if SickKids don't have any funding they won't be able to help kids. Because all the funds that go to the SickKids Foundation are used for multiple different causes such as research, Your donations directly support SickKids Foundation. Funds are distributed in the areas of most need including research, clinical advances and compassionate care.
SickKids VS: Undeniable


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Our table before painting!

In the photo above you can clearly see the cardboard used to make our table and the water activated fibreglass tape used to hold everything together and to smooth out the edges. We used brown tempura paint for our table and that is the paint that you can see on the tabletop.