Uinta County School District #1

March 2019-Newsletter, Vol. 41

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"Empowered teams are such a powerful force of integration and productivity that they form the basic building block of any intelligent organization" (Pinchot & Pinchot, 1993, p. 66).

"Teams are recognized as a critical component of every enterprise - the predominant unit for decision making and getting things done...Working in teams is the norm in a learning organization" (Senge et al., 1994, pp. 354-355).

Teams "bring together complementary skills and experience that...exceed those of any individual on the team." Teams are more effective in problem solving, "provide a unique social dimension that enhances...work," motivate, and foster peer pressure and internal accountability (Katzenbach & Smith, 1993, p. 18).

In the most innovative organizations teaming is the culture. Today's leaders must therefore build a culture where teaming is expected and begins to feel natural. (Edmonson, 2013).

"The ability to develop and support high-functioning teams schoolwide is essential to ensuring improved and inspiring learning for all learners - adults or children." (D'Auria, 2015, p. 54).

"A team can make better decisions, solve more complex problems, and do more to enhance creativity and build skills than individuals working alone...They have become the vehicle for moving organizations into the future...Teams are not just nice to have. They are hard-core units of the productions" (Blanchard, 2007, p. 17).

"Educators work alone more than any other professionals in modern America. Most professions have come to recognize the value of teamwork as a better way to understand and solve 'problems of practice'...Fortunately, there appears to be new interest in forms of collaboration among educators...'Professional learning communities' are increasingly popular" (Wagner, 2007).

"Influencers increase the capacity of others by asking them to work in teams with interdependent relationships...We increase capacity when we work together rather than in isolation" (Patterson et al., 2018, p.183).

"We now have compelling evidence that when teachers team up with their colleagues they are able to create a culture of success in schools, leading to teaching improvements and student learning gains. The clear policy and practice implication is that teaching is a team sport" (Fulton & Britton, 2011, p. 4).


The Aspen bus drivers and the Transportation Department are extending our thanks and appreciation to Judy Thornock. Every morning she does her best to manage the parent parking and student drop off in the parking lot and helps to keep students safe. We appreciate her efforts in keeping the bus loading zone clear so the kids can arrive safely at school, we appreciate her very much!


It is important as a staff to build a shared knowledge regarding your school's current status in addressing the critical step on the PLC journey of building a collaborative culture. Here is a tool to assist you in that effort. "The Professional Learning Communities at Work Continuum: Building a Collaborative Culture Through High-Performing Teams" is online http://go.SolutionTree.com/PLCbooks as a free reproducible. Once you have established greater clarity regarding the current status of your collaborative teams, we urge you to turn your attention to the "Where Do We Go From Here?" worksheet that accompanies the continuum at http://go.SolutionTree.com/PLCbooks. It will prompt you to take the action necessary to close the knowing-doing gap.


2nd-Stacee Rasmussen

3rd-Cami Mueller

4th-Wendy Pratt, Nannett Hill, Marquis Rennard

5th-Lori Zocco, Jan Cline, Ronda Hurst

6th-Karen Stonebraker, Eddie Halls

7th-Starling Reynolds

8th-Chad George, Beverly Fackrell, Andra Bennett

9th-John Springer

10th-Maria Easton, Heather Williamson

11th-Jeanna Martin, Eric Dickerson, Rick Slagowski

13th-Dayna Sharp, Samantha Moon

15th-Lindsay Welling, Ann Stoddard, Lisa Atkinson

16th-Ramona Pace, Heidi Moon

17th-Cassy McKenna, Robin Walton

18th-Peggy Lee

20th-Bailey Jensen, John Davis, Katelynn Hoffman

21st-Lynda Peace, JaNell Martin

22nd-Katherine Brewer, Emily Dennis, Diana Olsen

23rd-Nena Germany-Greer

24th-Kevin Haukaas, Wendy Cook, Audrey Asay

27th-Kimber Fessler, Elizabeth Masters

28th-Brooke George, Laura Sulser, Araceli Contreras, Lori Larsen

29th-Kim Smith, Heather Baldwin

30th-Heather Johnson

31st-Dustan Blair, Terri Fowler, BreeAnna Sanchez


UCSD#1 Administration

Ryan Thomas, Superintendent Ext.1020

Cheri Dunford, Supt., Board Exec. Assistant Ext. 1021

Dr. Joseph Ingalls, Assistant Superintendent K-5 Ext. 1026

Doug Rigby, Assistant Superintendent 6-12 Ext. 1025

Alicia Johnson, Instructional Services Admin. Asst. Ext. 1024

Kristine Hayduk, Human Resources Ext. 1023

Matt Williams, SPED Director Ext. 1040

Diana Olson, SPED Admin. Asst. Ext. 1041

Bubba O'Neill, Activities Director Ext. 1060

Dauna Bruce, Activities Admin. Asst. Ext. 1061

John Williams, Business Director, Ext. 1030

Jaraun Dennis, Facilities Director, Ext. 1075