The Juliano Journal

Week of January 25-29

Dear Families,

Happy Friday! We have some exciting events happening next week!

Next Friday, February 5th, the Meerkats will be celebrating their positive behavior by going bowling! We will be traveling to Kingston Lanes in Woodstock and bowling from 9:45-10:45. Please make sure your Meerkat arrives on time to school as we will be loading the buses right at 9:10. Please also be sure that your Meerkat wears/brings socks, and knows his/her shoe size. We are looking forward to a GREAT time together!

Your child's January reading log is due on Monday. Please help your child double-check that he/she has filled out the entire front side of the log, as well as completed the four responses on the back. Thanks for your support at home by encouraging your third grader to read, read, read!

Jump Rope for Heart will be during P.E. class the week of February 1st. All students will participate in the jumping stations. If you are collecting donations, please turn in your collection envelope to the office by February 5th. Thank you for supporting the American Heart Association!

Have a fantastic weekend! :)

Miss Juliano

Curriculum News

Language Arts

This week we continued our study of migrating animals. On Monday the students listened to an informational text about animals that migrate, and then chose which animal they would like to learn more about. Students then spent a lot of time researching the animals using books and iPads, and recorded the information they learned on a graphic organizer. After students went through the pre-writing step of the writing process, they began working on the first draft of the brochure they will be creating to teach readers about the migration of their chosen animal.

Next week we will head to the computer lab where students will create the final draft of their brochures using Google Sheets. The students are so excited about all the technology they are able to use for this project!


This week we continued our study of Geometry. The students learned how to draw line segments, lines, and rays. We then discussed the difference between parallel and intersecting lines. Further, students learned properties of triangles and quadrangles, and used straws and pipe cleaners to create these different polygons.

Next week we will discuss polygons with five or more sides, and the students will learn how to draw and measure angles.


This week we began discussing hot and cold water. Today, the students made a thermometer out of a bottle, rubber stopper, and a straw. The students put their thermometers in cups of hot and cold water to discover that water expands what heated and water contracts when cooled.

Next week students will be investigating the density of hot, cold, and room temperature water.

Important Dates

Friday, February 5th: Meerkat Bowling!

Friday, February 5th: Jump Rope for Heart donations due

Tuesday, February 9th: WPO Meeting - 7pm

Thursday, February 11th: Nick's Pizza Fundraiser- 4-10 pm

Let's Hear From The Students!

Vannesa, Evy, and Abigail Say....

"One of our favorite things about third grade is being in the Meerkat Club. We are going to

bowl for our activity and we are so excited!" Evy says, "I am excited to make a brochure about migrating animals on the computer!" Abigail added, "And all of the activities to come!"

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