A Seperate Peace

By: Jacob Malmay

Author: John Knowles

Born: September 16, 1926 Fairmont West Virginia

Died: November 29, 2001 Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Education: Yale University, Philips Exeter Academy


Gene goes to a boarding school during the era of World War 2. He meets Phineas and becomes best friends.

Climax & Resolution

Climax: Gene makes Finny fall and break his leg from the tree.

Resolution: When Gene makes a huge snowball fight and wanted Finny to stay out of it because of his leg.

Favorite part

When Finny died, it was a decision the author made at the right time and was when we most cared for Finny over the coarse of the book. With its surprising twist for the book that no one would see coming, is why it is my favorite part throughout the book.

Worse Character

Gene is my least favorite character even though he was the main character. Throughout the book, he kept making decisions that slowly caused him to turn into the bad guy in the book. Thinking Finny was trying to have him fail classes, having Finny break his leg, and wanting Finny to basically die near the end of the book. As he got darker and darker,we hated him little by little after every decision.


The theme for A Separate Peace is identity. After the accident of Finny breaking his leg, Gene tries to take on the role of Finny, pretending that he was Finny.