CTS Snapshot


Welcome to our CTS Snapshot - a weekly celebration update. We are delighted to share with parents and carers alike student triumphs at Corby Technical School. We are proud of every student and every success they have - please feel free to share with us any achievements they might have.

Snapshot News:

Below is some amazing work completed by our Year 11 Food Technology students this week. Mrs Firmin is very proud of their efforts especially as they have been unable to cook in school for over one year. Well done to you all!

Year 7:

Orla and Joel in 7ST have been working very hard to make a board game focusing on ‘Planet vs Humans’.

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Accelerated Reader:

Well done to Harry (8CA) who has completed 10 accelerated reader quizzes and has read over 1 million words this year.

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Top Lesson Stars

Students receive lesson stars where a teacher feels a student has made an excellent contribution in their lesson. Some students receive multiple lesson stars across the week, below are the students who have received the most stars for each year group this week:

Year 7:

Aleksandra 7TA, Mauricio 7CU, Orla 7ST, Finley 7TE, Sebastien 7ST, Blanka 7CO and Laila 7CO.

Year 8:

Matthew 8ST, Max 8CA, Robert 8CO, Omayer 8SW, Miranda 8TE, Chloe 8ST, Daniel 8CA, Nadia 8CA, Kurtis 8CA, Liam 8TA and Phoebe 8ST.

Year 9:

Amelia 9CA, Sonny 9SW, Julia 9TE, Corina 9SW, Floreen 9ST, Matthew 9SW, Kiera 9TA, Ksenija 9CA, Kent 9SW, Rhia 9TE, Falun 9CA, Danils 9CA, Amelia 9CO, Dylan 9TE, Kia 9TE and Olivia 9TE.

Year 10:

Tye 10CA, Danielle 10TA, Shamiso 10CA and Anya 10TE.

Year 11:

Sonny 11ST, Brady 11ST, Lucas 11CA and Yasmin 11ST.

Subject Highlights:


Mr Lee has made the following nominations this week:

Year 8 students Harrison, Shae, Dylan C, Dylan H, Kara, Ollie J, Zhivko, Kitty, Penny, Matthew, Isabella, Chloe, Lexi and Dominik

Year 9 students Nikola, Courtney, Neave, Neva, Brooke, Sanita, Patrick, Jacson, Faizah, Sol, Keeley, Alex, Valeriu, Dejan and Isla

Year 10 students Louis, Beth, Amelia, Darcey, Bradley, Tye, Shamiso, Dagan, Nela and Alicja

All are nominated for their enthusiasm, hard work and commitment to work across the whole term.

Mr Lee would also like mention 9TE students CJ, Ellie, Rhema, Emma, Mason, Olivia and Emily for having accumulated the most positive points over the year.

Mrs Wynn has nominated 8C1 Maths for their hard work and commitment all term,

9b3 for showing promising progress and 10B2 for their excellent assessment grades.

Mrs Ferns has nominated her Year 8 class who have worked hard this term and made amazing progress and she would also to say well done to Year 11 for completing three assessments with a mature and positive attitude.

Mr Horne has nominated Sandra in Year 8 for great work on Venn diagrams and Melissa in Year 9 for her application of probability to solve real world problems in Maths.


Miss Jenkins and Miss Patrick would like to celebrate all the year 8 Drumming students and year 9 Ukulele classes who have done their assessment performances this week. It is not an easy thing to do to perform to your class and they have done really well. Year 7s have also been putting the final polish to their pop music pieces that they have recorded on Garage Band software on the MAC computers.

We would also like to celebrate those students who have been working hard in their instrumental lessons and have practised consistently in their own time. It has required commitment and resilience this year to continue learning an instrument despite all the disruption to lessons in school. We are proud of those of you who have maintained your focus and are looking forward to the prospect of you possibly playing together in a club in the future.


Miss Graziano has nominated Roman (8CA) for outstanding effort in Spanish, Ole (7TE) for outstanding effort in Spanish, Finlay (7TE) for fantastic progress made this term and Charley, Ella, Ana, Melissa, Jacson, Kieran, Lilly, Thomas, Sonny, Kiera (9SW) for outstanding effort in Spanish.


Ms Hallybone has nominated 10B1 English for mature and thoughtful discussions about Romeo and Juliet all term. Special well done to Leon and Gabi for excellent assessments

Also nominated are 10AP1 English students Callum, Jess, Saul, Mollie, Anya, Dolton, Naomi and David for excellent Romeo and Juliet assessments.

The English department would like to say a big well done to Year 11 for all of their hard work this term.

Mrs Rice has nominated Year 8 students Freddie, Alfie, Maya, Ben, Miranda, Evan, Harry and Aadi for their excellent debate skills in English.

Mrs Vaghadia has nominated 7A2 English , in particular Sean, Kevin, Aston, Finn, Lara, Florence and Mason for their excellent contribution to the class this term and their consistent hard work and dedication shown through classroom discussion and written work. Well done.


Mrs Vaghadia has nominated her Year 11 Sociology students for their effort, hard work and determination this term. It has been a challenging term for them and the class have perserved really well and Mrs Vaghadia is very proud of how far they have come. Also nominated are Year 10 Sociology students Kelly, David, Naomi, Finley, Israel and Niav for their excellent contribution to the lessons this term and for their consistent hard work Well done.

Finally 9ST, 9CA, 7SI for their excellent contribution to classroom discussions and opening their minds to other viewpoints in RSCS.

Mr Gealy has nominated his Year 11 Geography groups for their work this term, specifically in the last couple of weeks in their preparation for their final assessments. A lot of hard work and extra hours have been put in by a number of students. Also nominated is 10A Geography for their recent work answers extended answer exam questions. There has been an extremely good level of detail to their answers.

Miss Bird has nominated the following this week:

7ST for their hard work in History, Stas (8CO) for his consistent hard work throughout this term.
Congratulations to 8CO for their amazing attendance this term, I’m very proud!
Ugne (7TA) continues to impress with her commitment to Humanities and finally Kirat (7TA) was fantastic in Geography this week. It has been really great to see!

Miss Gilbert had nominated Roisin (7CA) for her continued hard work throughout the year, and completing all the tasks to a high standard. Well done to Bianca (8TE)for her continued hard work throughout the term, especially in the topic of population 9ST for completing the topic of Earths resources well, and fully engaging in the comprehension questions and finally 10B Geography for completing their assessment on TNC’s in Brazil, and all their hard work throughout the term.

Mr Strumpher has nominated 10C and 10E Geography classes for working really hard this term and trying their best in the lessons.

Computer Science:

Mr Strumpher 7CO and 7SW in Computer Science for producing very good quality work in their Scratch projects.


Mr Cox has made the following nominations this week:

11DR for their continuous hard work in preparation for their Drama assessments this week.

Debony for her hard work in her Year 12 Biology lessons and 10AP1 Science for great attitudes to their recent revision lessons.

Science would like to congratulate Year 11 on completing all their assessments.

Mrs Brightwell would like to congratulate Brandon S, Kelly and Gus for their great work this week.

The Science team would like to say that we are very excited to start the SuperStar CREST Award with our Year 7’s in Term 5.


Mr Cox has nominated 7TU for their excellent work in Drama this week

Ms Hallybone has nominated Milena and Devandre for demonstrating excellent teamwork skills in the practical Year 9 Drama lessons, Year 10 student Danielle for detailed homework and Year 11 students Sonny and Tamsyn for excellent work writing about design ideas.


PE students of the Term are:

Kevin 7TE, Kurtis 8CA, Isla 9TA, Nikodem 10CA and Ryan 11CA. Sports Science students Lexi 10CO and Brady 11ST. Year 12 Sport and Physical Activity student of the term is Morgan.

Mr Rogers would also like to say well done to Year 10 students Kelly, Erin and Neave who have worked very hard this week in their Sport Science lessons and Jude, Klaudia, Katie and Grace in Year 11 who have also worked very hard this week in Sport Science.

Latest News:

Marcus Rashford has teamed up with the chef Tom Kerridge to promote healthy affordable home cooking. Its called ‘Full Time’ and each Sunday Morning on Instagram he is going to release a recipe with videos about how to make it. As a school we would like to get behind this and support it by inviting staff and students to send pictures of their creations and we will highlight these each week.


  • School will close today for the two week break. Students will return to school Monday 24st May.
  • Please ensure all students have face masks for use at school.