Strengthen your Bones

Calcium: Building Block of Bones.

What it Does for You!

Calcium is a mineral found in a bunch of foods. Calcium is a great element that strengthens your skeletal structure. It also helps send signals through your nerves to your brain from anywhere on your body.

All About Calcium


  • Solid at room Temperature
  • Melts at 842 degrees Celsius
  • Boils at 1484 degrees Celsius
  • First Ionization energy: 6.113
  • Second Ionization energy: 11.871
  • Third Ionization energy: 50.908
  • Density 1.55 g/cm^3
  • Heat of vaporization 153.6k J/mol
  • Heat of fusion 8.54 kJ/mol
  • Specific heat 0.632 J/gk
  • Atomic radius 2.23 x 10^-10
  • Atomic volume 29.9 cm^3/mol
  • Electron affinity 2.368 kJ/mol


When calcium reacts with air, it burns brightly.

when calcium reacts with 6M HCL, it corrodes away.

when calcium reacts with 15 M HNO3, it produce calcium carbonate as a gas.

when clacium reacts with 6 M NaOH, it will also corrode the calcium.

Calcium Building

Calx was used by the Romans to build most all their structures. they heated it up to get rid of the carbon dioxide, and be left with the calcium oxide. The calcium oxide would then be mixed with water to create the cement they used to build.