all about lions

Lions are beautiful creatures read on to see what they look like.

Adult male lions have long bushy manes that make him look big and scary, the mane will scare other males away. Female lions can weight about 300 pounds but male lions can weight about 500 pounds. Lions have pads on the bottom of there paws that help them to be quite when they creep up to pry. Baby lions have dark spots all over them, these spots help them hide beacuse they do not know how to defend themselves yet but as soon as there older then one the spots fad away. Some lions can be albino, albino is when a lion is white and dose not have colored eyes or the eye may be red.

Do you know where this king roams?

The main job of an male lion is to protect its territory and the pride (family). From time to time other males will fight the male lion for its pride. Often a fight between the male will take outside (away from the pride). If a male lion gets kick out of the pride he will have a hard time hunting, How ever if a new male lion gets kick out of the pride he will know how to hunt because he was hunting before he got into the pride, and if the male stay there for a long time then gets kick out he will have to lean how to hunt again.

Do you know what animal dose all the hunting but dose get much of it or none of it at all?

The female lions do all the hunting but the male get to eat first (which is most of the food) then the female (which is not even half) then the poor cubs get whatever is left (which is a couple of bites). When the females hunt they divided themselves into two groups. One of the groups will chase the pry to the other group then that group will attack it and kill it or they may loses the pry and go find other animals to hunt. When females hunt they will catch about 2/10% of there hunt. Sometimes if the females take a long time the male may loses hope about the food and go to other animals land (like a cheetahs) and take there fresh kill, and thats how these unique animals hunt
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Did you know a lion will eat rotten wood?!

when lions cant catch pry they will eat porcupines, fish , turtle, termites, peanuts, fruit, even rotten wood?! People are killing lions to to make lion meat balls. The lion only has one threat it is humans. There are no more lions in north Africa. When male lions are three years old they are kick out of there pride but the females stay in that pride forever unless they get lost. When a male lion wins a fight he will kill all the cubs because he wants to get rid of all the trace of the previous male.

These's lions are running out of food because human populations.

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lion meat ball

Now you know why lions are interesting creatures

You have discover that male lions have manes that make then look big then what they really are. You have learned that female lions do all the hunting,. next you header the male watch the pride Finally you found out lions will eat rotten wood! The next time you see a lion, please remember the important informant you have leaner.