Ms.Hinz's Classroom Newsletter!

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Parent Reminders

Lost and Found

The lost and found box, located in the front office, is overflowing with lost items. We would like all lost items to be returned to their owners. All items remaining in the lost and found box at the end of the year will be donated to a worthy charitable organization.

Helpful things to do with your child outside of the classroom

  • Read with or to your child as much as possible.
  • Have your child practice their writing skills such as the letter of the week, letters from previous weeks, as well as practice writing their name.

Contact Information

Please be sure to keep all contact information current and up to date at all time. Also, please make sure to note any changes in your child's after school dismissal.

CARE ISD Annual Food Drive

Friday, Nov. 22nd 2013 at 8:30am-12pm


Our annual CARE ISD food drive will be held this month on Friday, November 22nd. Food drive donations will used in order to provide families in our area with Thanksgiving Day Dinner! Last year CARE ISD donated enough food items to feed over 100 familys! How great is that? Lets see if we can top that this year!

Suggested Food Drive Items

  • Canned Goods
  • Boxed Side Dishes
  • Cake Mix
  • Pie Crust
  • Foil Roasting or Pie Pans
  • Any Other Non-Perishable Items

What we are learning!


In mathematics this month we will be learning about heights and lengths of people and other objects ( V.D.1.). Students will be able to be able to tell the difference in the heights of students and line them up in a row from smallest to tallest. My students will also be able to complete this same task with other objects such as blocks, etc.


During class circle time, we are reading the book The First Thanksgiving by Linda Hayward. After the story is read, the students in groups will be retelling or re-enacting this story (III.D.1.). Students will be able to do this in any way that they choose.


The students will be learning about owls just like our very own Otis! Students will be able to identify and describe the characteristics of them (VI.B1.). Students will then draw and color their favorite owl making sure to include owl characteristics.

Tickling a Pygmy Owl

Social Studies

Students are going to be drawing and telling about their families way of celebrating Thanksgiving (VII.C.1). After, we will look at the similarities and differences in the way our families all celebrate Thanksgiving!

Contact Information For Ms. Hinz

Please feel free to contact me with any questions, concerns, and/or comments. I would love to talk to every one of you! I look forward to speaking with you.