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Local Edison Schools Go To Camp Bernie In Port Murray

Climbing Tower

Local Edison elementary schools Martin Luther King elementary and James Madison Intermediate elementary school goes to YMCA Camp Bernie. They have many fun and creative activities some of them are the climbing tower the climbing tower is a forty feet tall rock wall they have the beginner rock wall with is just the slant or normal wall. The straight wall is just a straight wall. Last but not lease the chimney rock wall is a straight rock wall and it has tow large bricks you have to climb pass it is the hardest wall.


They lunches at the camp is pizza with stuffed crust and they have a salad bar where you make your salad and you can get pasta at the salad bar. They tables are sturdy and strong too. They have a ton of options to drink from like pink lemonade, apple juice, water, and peach juice too. Lunch was one of the best lunches ever!

Low Ropes

Low Ropes is a obstacle coarse and you can't touch the ground. You have to figure out how to get across the coarse safely. If you fall your group will catch you and make sure you wouldn't fall on the rocks and mud.


You will go back to the big shed. You will have this time to go to the bathroom and get water. You can also talk with your own friends or make new friends too. They also have games you can play in the shed. They breaks were about fifteen minutes long so you have a lot of time.


They cabins at Camp Bernie were very clean. The boys and girls were separated. The camps names where Lenape, Birch, Maple, Jaqua, Hickory, Oak, and Turrell. The cabins have four bathrooms and or more in each cabins. The cabins beds are bunk beds. I think the rooms were very clean.


The dinner in my opinion I think the dinner was very good. They served family style. They severed turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, bread and butter, veggie paddies, and they had the salad bar.


At the campfire we roasted marshmallows and made s'mores. We sang campfire songs too. The camp fire was one of my favorite thing at Camp Bernie.


Breakfast was cereal, sausage, eggs and bread, and the fruit bar and they gave us hot chocolate . The breakfast was my favorite meal and it was very modern and normal.


In Archery we went into the woods and shot bows and arrows. We got to shot about three times. They show you how to hold the bow and arrow and how to shoot it correctly.

Stream Ecology

In stream ecology they take you to a stream and you get a net and a bucket and you fill the bucket up with water and then you will take your net and catch living things and put it in the bucket. Then you will find out what it is.

Reptile Show

During the reptile show a man brought out animals and showed adn told us about it. Some animals were a boa constrictor, a mouse, a bunny, a tarantula, and a black widow spider.
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By: Nadya Budhan