Mobile Apps in the Classroom

By Christopher Ertman

Quick Graph: Your Scientific Graphing Calculator

What is it?: This is a free graphing application for use with IOS devices. It is able to map equations in 2D as well as 3D. Additionally, it has features such as the ability to save the graph as a photo and the ability to view graphs in a wireframe mode.

In the Classroom?: In class this application could potentially take the place of a traditional graphing calculator, with it's 3D capabilities it may also provide a different perspective while looking at math problems.


Quick Graph


What is it?: Dropbox is a free cloud storage application, available on most platforms. You are able to store files for use by yourself, or to share amongst other people.

In the Classroom?: In the classroom, this application could be used to distribute readings, assignments, or other information to students which they could view on their phones or computers.


Dropbox iPad App Tutorial


What is it?: Attendance2 is a paid iOS app that allows you to keep track of student's lates/absences.

In the Classroom?: In class this app could replace traditional paper attendance sheets, perhaps allowing teachers to track problem behaviour more efficiently.


Short Introduction to Attendance2

The Elements: A Visual Exploration

What is it?: This paid app provides an intriguing look at the periodic table of elements. It represents each element visually, allowing you to see additional photos of where that element may be found, and it provides information on each element.

In the Classroom?: This app could be used to help students gain additional understanding of the periodic table.


"The Elements: A Visual Exploration" - iPad App Review

Remind: Safe Classroom Communication

What is it?: This free app allows teachers to update students and/or parents about assignments or other school related updates. Recipients are able to receive these reminders through the app directly, text message, web, or email.

In the Classroom?: This app could be very useful for all students, to help them keep track of when assignments are due.


How to Use Remind in Your Classroom