Religious Persecution

Where does Persecusion happen?

Religious prsecution can happen anywhere infact it still happens alot in other countriessuch as, North korea, Iran, Afganistan, Soudi Arabia, Somalia, Yemen, Maldives and Mauritania These are only some of the countries that have persecution in them today.

Persecusion in the Bible

There is even persecution in the bible e.g.

The Stoning of Stephen, stephen was a worshiper of god and he went about spreading the word of god but then he was brought to the sanhidren where he was falsely accused of blasphemy in front of the sanhidren Stephen told his beliefs about the jewish history for his beliefd he was stoned to death.

Another example would be most of Jesus' deciples and even Jesus himself.

What is Persecution?

Persecution is someone being arrested for thier beliefs or even killed