Thing To Know About Me

Read this if you want to know all about me

Hobbies I Enjoy

One of my favorite hobbies is playing Minecraft with friends, other hobbies i enjoy is fixing broken technology like a laptop screen.
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Food I Like

The food I like is Pizza, every time my mom asks what is for super I say pizza. I also like People chow It is my favorite desert my makes it occasionally. And last I really like enchiladas because they are worm and taste delicious.

Things I do well

Thing I do well is playing soccer, not giving up, and staying happy, one thing I also do well is go kart racing and four wheeling.
4x4 atv vs 2wd sport atv-trail riding


some of the pets I have had, some of the i have hand they were pongo, and dolly. pongo was a dalmatian and dolly was a puggel, I also had navy and she was a blue pitbull

A job I would like to have

The job I would love to have is being a computer gamer/ game designer.
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things I do when I have Free time

One thing I love to do when I have free time I Hang out or talk to my friends, I also love to play games with them like call of duty, Minecraft. Or just go to the park and play basketball or football.

Thing I am doing right now

Well things I am doing right now is starting a YouTube channel. I'm just making plans for the channel so it will grow. This also might be my job this is a really good job if you get a lot of subscribers.
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Thing I like

Thing I like are Animals, games, and being out in nature.

My Friends

My close friends are Zach Bubank, Zach Murphy, Ariel Mills


My family is Kelly park my mom, Devin Villalobos brother, Alexa villalobos sister, and me Christopher villalobos