Newsletter-Jan. 11-15, 2016

Mrs. Wells

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Giving to Texas Humane Heroes

Our students collected almost $150.00 (Wells/Reim Christmas project) for homeless pets. We also donated toys and treats as well. Three of our students delivered the "goods" to the rescue site over the holiday. Great job 4th grade!

Please visit my webpage for more information-

Look under the NEWSLETTER tab to find "view" or "downloads" of the spelling word list, the spelling dictation sentences, the xtra math pins, and the RAZ kids login cards.

For xtra math website, students use my email:, then use the pin number from the download.

A note from Mrs. Wells

I wish everyone a happy New Year. It was a busy week trying to get back into the flow of school. We are focusing on the writing of our trickster tale that is based on Texas facts. Students are using authentic Texas landforms, plants, and animals as they craft a writing that meets the criteria of a trickster tale. We should be finishing in a couple of weeks and look forward to reading our stories to kindergarten students.

Math Homework

1. Minimum of 20 problems completed with 70% accuracy

* long division

* identifying quadrilaterals

2. Do at least ONE session of extra math (multiplication)


1. RAZ one story from their book room that is read orally and tested with the grade of 70% or higher


Unit 15 focusing on homonyms. When studying, help your child understand the different meaning between the words.

Social Studies

We are writing our trickster tales this week.


Natural disasters is our focus.

Students will be focusing on one disaster and research the warning signs and what safety plans could help cause less loss of life.