Junior Iditarod

Race for Greatness


  • Wolves were the first used for the Iditarod
  • Originally held on a mail supply route
  • Started in the 1978
  • Named after the Iditarod Trail
  • Most famous dog sledding race


  • Ages 14-17
  • Must have ax, snowshoes, headlamp, alternate battery powered light, cold weather sleeping bag, and a lighter or match
  • Dog care thats needed is dog food and dog food cooker
  • minimum of 7 dogs
  • maximum of 10 dogs


  • Paceing is everything
  • to teach young mushers to travel long distances with dog teams
  • using harnessed dogs to pull sleds
  • first purpose was to travel from the North Pole to the South Pole

Fun Facts

  • Modern sleds are constructed use hickory and birch wood
  • 140 miles from Alaska to Nome
  • Called the "The Last Great Race"
  • 10 hours of maditory rest but only get 4 hours to sleep
  • Takes 2-3 days