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February Newsletter

February Tidbits!

*We all know that this is the 2nd month of the year, but do you know it gets it from?

It originates from "Februarius" through the verb "februare" meaning "to purify".

*It is the shortest month with just 28 days except in Leap Year when it has 29.

*In Ancient Rome it was the month of purification, with special ceremonies of repentance of Februa on February 15.

*It is also the month of Saint Valentine's Day!

*In the United States, February is sometimes called Presidents' Month because of the observance of Presidents Washington and Lincoln's Birthdays.

*The flowers for the month are violet and the primrose.

* The birthstone is the amethyst, symbolizing piety,humility, spiritual wisdom, and sincerity.

* February is also the month that Thirty-One releases the Spring/Summer catalog.

Thirty-One's Spring-Summer Catalog

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