The Problem Solver

The PS241 STEM Newletter Vol. 1.13

Happy New Year!!!

Welcome back to school! We are delighted to share with you the inaugural edition of the Problem Solver, the STEM Institute of Manhattan's new digital monthly newsletter. For our January issue we will be sharing student writing across the grades and looking back at the exciting projects that we completed in 2012. We invite students, parents and teachers to contact Ms. Petev in the Library with any submission ideas for future issues.

The Dragon Dance by Erick, Class 301

Every Chinese New Year parade ends with a Dragon Dance. The parade starts on New Years Day and continues for the next fifteen days until the end of the festivities. The dragon parade is a highlight of the festivities. The dragon dance was meant for kids to perform for a celebration. Some dragons are seven sections long and some can be 46 sections long and need up to 65 dancers to hold up the poles attached to the material of the dragon.

Goals I Want to Achieve in 2013 by Khanso, Class 501

Do you know what my academic and personal goals are? Do you want to know how I will achieve them? My personal and academic goals will help me get into the middle school of my dream, Columbia Secondary Middle School.

My personal goal is to make my brothers quit bothering me. One way is say nice things back to them when they say something mean. If it keeps going like that, they might end up saying nice things to me. Another way is to ignore them and pretend that they are not there. They might get tired of bothering me. Finally, any time they call me names or so, I will go to my room to read a calming and interesting book.

My academic goal is to pass the 5th grade so I can get to middle school. First, I will try to complete every single homework assignment. Next is to have good behavior. Lastly, is to listen carefully to get 3's or 4's on my state test. Now that I know my personal and academic goals, I will get to work on them. A fabulous plan for me and to me!!!!

All About My Family by Diana, Class 201

My mom, dad, and my brother all in my house with me. Some of my family lives in Mexico. My family eats rice and drinks soda. My family has brown skin. They look like people. They have brown eyes and black hair. My family is large. There are 8 people in my family. I have 3 uncles, 1 aunt, 1 brother, 1 mom, and 1 dad. If you touch my family members' skin it feels smooth. Everyone in my family sleeps in beds. One thing that is interesting about my family is that they are funny. They are important to me because they take care of me.

Art by Derrell, Class 401

Art makes people feel good. When a person makes art they feel a certain type of way. Art can make people happy, sad, angry and excited. It depends on what art they are looking at.

People like to paint pictures because it is fun. I like the way it looks. People like to paint because they can paint what they want. That means they are going to like it.

People like to do art because when they picked up a paintbrush and started to paint, they made a masterpiece. I think people like to do art to show how they feel. People like to do art because it’s a good way to express yourself.

There are different kinds of art and places you can find them. There are paintings, architecture, and sculptures. These different kinds of art can be seen at museums like the Museum of Modern Art, art galleries, at school, and even at your house. I look at the art in my house. I like when I draw and then it goes up on my wall.

There are many kinds of art. Art can make almost anyone feel good. Art should be a way that you can express yourself. This is why many people like it.

Engineering Projects from Fall 2012

Congrats to the December Students & Citizens of the Month!!!

Students: Ariana from Class K/1-002, Marck from Class K-001, Jason from Class 101, Diana from Class 201, Khadim from Class 301, Symiah from Class 401 & Hamidou from Class 501

Citizens: Giovanni from Class K/1-002, Ambar from Class K-001, Fatou from Class 101, Christinti from Class 201, Erick from Class 301, Ayanna from Class 401 & Jose from Class 501

Perez's Parent Place

I am Michelle Perez Parent Coordinator of P.S. 241- STEM Institute of Manhattan. My role as Parent Coordinator is to assist parents in navigating their child’s elementary school experience. If you have any questions, problems or just want to become a more active and involved parent at P.S. 241, visit room 110 or contact (212) 678-2898 ext: 1102. Please visit the website often and come by Room 110 whenever you have time. Parents are always welcome at P.S.241.

Save The Dates For These Upcoming Events

Cultural Celebration & STEMulating Your Mind

Thursday, February 28 9am

Live Student Performances from each class at 9:15 am in the auditorium. Stay for STEMulating Your Mind, an exciting academic celebration where our students showcase their culminating projects for the current unit of study.

Final Thoughts

When I Turned Ten Years Old by Future, Class 501

When I turned ten years old, my life changed. There were more responsibilities and chores for me. Also there were more privileges. My family had to teach me new things that would help me throughout my life. Everyone gave me more things to do.

When I turned ten years old, I finally learned how to twist my hair. Since I have locks, my hair needs to be twisted. My mother said I am old enough to learn to twist my hair. Now, I don’t have to ask my mother to twist my hair. No one has to help me.

When I turned ten years old, I learned how to corn row my hair. After I twist my hair, I have to style it. My mother would do my sister’s hair in cornrows and I watched. But not only can I cornrow my hair, I can cornrow my sister’s hair also! When I turned ten years old I became much more independent than before.

When I turned ten years old, I learned how to start cooking. My father showed me how to cook macaroni. The best meal I have cooked was fried rice. Sometimes my cousin and I would cook dinner for the adults and the other kids. We would get a bunch of compliments from them all.

When I turned ten years old, I got a brand new Pan digital Novel E-Reader for my birthday. It was used for reading, but there were other things on it too. That was also when I got my first email address. It was my best birthday gift ever! My grandmother was so happy that I liked it.

Check out your problem solving skills!!!

Solve these riddles and turn your answers into Ms. Petev. Winners will be announced in the next issue!

Take the numbers of fingers (including thumbs) that the average person has and multiply it by the average number of toes a person has. Divide that by one half and add it to the number of months in a year. What is the answer?

A mother and father have six sons and each son has one sister. How many people are in the family?

I am a two digit number. The sum of my digits equals five. I am an odd number. I am the greatest number that meets this description. What am I?

Brian has fourteen pets. All of his pets are cats and dogs. Brian has four more cats than dogs. How many dogs does he have?

Kids On the Bus. Bus #8 left Horseshoe Bend School partially filled with students, and then stopped to pick up 15 more students at the Park School. It continued on its route as follows:

  • At the next 4 stops it dropped off 2 students at each stop.
  • Three students got off at the following stop.
  • The next 6 stops let off 1 student at each stop.
  • Ten students then got off at the New Site after-school program, where 5 kindergarten students boarded the bus.
  • The bus then dropped off 7 kids at its last stop, leaving only the driver on board.

How many students were on the bus when it left Horseshoe Bend School?