Mrs. Snyder's Spectator

April 27-May 1

Important Dates

A huge SHOUT OUT goes to all those involved with CRES FEST - PTO, Parents, Supporters, Volunteers, and Attenders. Thank you for all your support this past week and months that have gone into making CRES FEST so spectacular! I am proud to call CRES my school and teach at such a wonderful school that cares about all staff and students. It is greatly appreciated :)


5th - PTO Open Forum @ 7pm
6th - Project Aces @ 2pm

12th - Field Trip to Eagle Creek Park (9:10am-1:30pm)

18th - Field Trip to Children's Museum (More information to follow)

22nd - Spirit Day: Wear Hawaiian Clothes

29th - Field Day (1-3pm) & Last Day of School

Specials/Related Arts

M- P.E.

T - Music

W - Art

Th - Computer

F - P.E. & Library

Scholastic Book Order

If you would like to place a scholastic book order online go to or submit the paper copy with a check enclosed.

The last day to turn in orders is Wednesday, April 29th (this is a change from before).

PBL WEATHER UNIT - Wonderful Wacky Weather

We are working on sharing our expertise with others by creating experiments, weather reports, news reports, videos, dramas, art, books, etc.

Our weather topics are: Heat Wave, Tornado, Blizzard, Hurricane, Hail, Floods, Fog/Clouds, Thunder & Lightening, Wind.

Our unit's driving question - 'How can we as meteorologists collect, analyze, and explain weather patterns in Indiana over time?'


Ask your student about 'Frindle' -- they are loving it! We are working on comprehension strategies such as: connections, questions, predictions, and visualizing. We are also continuing our work on QAR - Question Answer Relationships - how we as readers can find the answers to questions about our reading.

Word Study

This week we will do Sort 49- Long -e Homophones. Homophones are words that sound the same but have different spellings and meanings. We will make a class book of different homophones to share our learning.


We will finish our geometry unit over 2D/3D shapes, symmetry, congruent shapes, angles, and lines. We will begin Unit 15 - Measuring Length, learning how to measure length, adding & subtracting measurement, and comparing different types of length.

Our Classroom

Class Read Aloud: Frindle

Mrs. Snyder's Currently Reading: PBL in the Elementary Classroom