Reduce the Risk

Brandon Ankrom

Tip #1

Make sure to complete an approved driver training course as soon as possible. If you're under 18, it's a requirement for a driver's license.

Tip #2

Work with your parents to set up guidelines and terms you can both live with for using the car.

Tip #3

Keep those grades up! Many insurance companies give you a discount for maintaining an overall B or better average.

Tip #4

Set a good example for your passengers. Always buckle up, avoid excessive speeding and don't drive carelessly when you're behind the wheel.

Tip #5

Studies conducted by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety have shown that one passenger doubles the risk of a crash among teen drivers, two passengers triple the risk, and three or more passengers increase the risk by more than six.

Tip #6

Have your parents begin getting quotes at least six weeks before you'll be added to their auto insurance policy. Check not only with your parent's current carrier, but compare quotes, service and stability with other agents and companies. If you have your own car and you do not qualify for a good student or other discounts, compare the cost of a separate auto policy for you.

Tip #7

If you attend school more than 100 miles away, your parents may be eligible to receive a discount on their insurance costs.

Tip #8

If you are planning to buy a car, avoid high-performance or sporty models. Because these models are more expensive to repair, insurance will cost you more. Consider the cost of insurance before you make that down payment.