Kids bill of rights



We should be able to have our phones at school. Our phones can help us when we need it, in ways that other people cannot.

  • Our phones would take place of agendas. Sometimes you can forget it but not when you have a phone. Our phones are a good reminder resource, mainly because students don't use their agendas often, or they forget them at school. Kids in middle school usually always have their phones with them, therefore their phones can be a constant reminder of the school work they need to do. You can set alarms for when you need to do homework so you don't go to bed forgetting to do it. Either way, with a phone you can always just check the blog if you forget to set a reminder and forget the homework. Yes, phones can get taken away by your parents, leaving you without a phone for a while, but most parents let their children take their phones to school so they can call if there's an emergency.



Teachers sometimes think kids are doing the wrong thing, when really we are doing the right thing on their phones. Some kids are doing the wrong thing, but they get punished for that. The same rules for school work should apply to phones. If your doing the right thing on your phone, then you should be able to use it when and how you want to. You can use them for help on school work, or maybe there's an emergency and you need to text your parents. Both are good uses for phones at school. If your doing the wrong thing on your phone, like being on a bad website or playing a game, then the kids should get their phone taken away. With the proper uses, phones can be very helpful to kids in school. With the inappropriate use, kids should be punished for that, but just them. When one person does something bad on a phone, they usually punish everyone for someone else's mistake. That's not fair to kids who use their phones the proper way at school, and they should be rewarded by having phones at school for using them the right way.


Ever heard of office 365? Microsoft has come up with a way to use all the programs in one app. The school has been nice enough to provide us with this. The Microsoft program that you can use at home is the same one that you use at school. Therefore, if you have started a project at school and forgot to save it onto a flash drive, all you have to do is go to the app and its there for you. With this app, there's a program that teachers can use to send us papers and work for us to home without having to give us papers at school.


In this picture you will see a girl in biology on her phone.
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Head phones are a good study resource. Studies show that your better when your listening to something. Yes you need to listen to what the teacher is saying but if you turn down what ever you are listening to like music or membean you will be on track. When your doing independent work sometimes students ask if they can listen to music. But if students can use their phone when ever then they don't have to go up and ask if the teacher is talking or if their with another student


If teachers don't allow phones in class? No problem because you can use them at lunch. You can do school work like membean or something on office 365. This would be a great way for using time wisely and getting work done. Lunch would be better if you had a phone.Most people meet on social media. There for if students have their phones then someone could meet an other person and becomes friends


Using our phones instead of using paper can help us use less paper. At school, teachers pass out lots of worksheets on paper. If we just used our phones, we can stop using so much paper. Last year teachers had asked us to bring in paper because they were running low. This proves that we use too much paper.Technology can be a big impact in the counties around. Much kids have expensive phones, so buying paper just causes us to use more money to buy paper which isn't needed. Yes, some children might not have technology of their own, but that's why the school has purchased iPads.

If you don't have byod, you can't use your own phone. That's why the school has provided u with iPads


In conclusion, school could be so much easier with being able to use our phones. Phones can help us in lots of ways that we need. Grades could even go up, giving the school a better review. Schools need good reviews so kids and parents know what kind of school their going to. Everyone wants to go to a good school, and that's what kids need. Phones can help get a better education and help us do our school work. Phones can help us in more ways than teachers understand, so they don't know how helpful phones are. With phones, school could be so much better and school would be more fun to come to!