New Android and Iphone Case

By: Nikhil Pentakota,Evan Harr

What is it?

Its a new phone case that has a laser attached to it.

Why should you buy our case?

Well our case is very unique. We have attached a laser to a phone case. If you buy our invention you can have your very own laser pointer, and a very strong case.

How much does it cost?

We will sell it from $ 20-$ 30, because we have a hard case and a laser pointer attached to it. It takes about $10-$20 to make, but because of the market we have to sell it at a high price.

Who is your target audience?

We are mainly looking fro kids that aren't allowed to use their phones during their free time in class. We are also looking for teachers that can just point their lasers at board to show students what they are talking about. I know lots of students that like laser pointers. It is also scientifically proven that red is the color that everyone looks at first