Historical Fiction

Travel Back in Time

The Pirates of Pompeii (Roman Mysteries #3) by Caroline Lawrence

The city of Pompeii has been demolished. It is 79 AD and Mount Vesuvius has erupted, leaving the remaining survivors to seek refuge among rubble and total destruction. Amid the refuges gathered along the bay of Naples are Flavia Gemina, Nubia, and Lupus. After discovering that children from the camps are going missing, the trio begins to inspect the situation. Their curiosity leads them to pirates and great danger.

Crispin by Avi

The setting is medieval England in the 14th century. A poor who finds himself alone in the world is accused of a crime he did not commit. With this accusation, he is given a label. He is now considered a wolf’s head. There is a bounty on his head and as a wolf’s head he can be killed on sight. After discovering he is being hunted, he sets off to flee his village without any protection or any plan. He carries with him his only possession---a lead cross around his neck.

The Bronze Bow by Elizabeth George Spears

In Israel during the time of Jesus, Daniel is a young man seeking to avenge his father’s death. After being sold to Amalek, Daniel escapes to the hills of Galilee and meets Rosh, a rebel who also despises the Romans. The more time he spends with Rosh, the more Daniel’s loathing for the Romans grows. Unexpectedly and with hatred consuming his every breath, he is ready fo revenge. However stumbling across the words and actions of Jesus, Daniel reconsiders his plan. Is revenge the answer?