Help us build our electric car!

Who Are We?

We are a group of high students from Northampton-East, Northampton-West, Northwest Halifax, and Weldon called The Electric Cars of Roanoke Valley (ECORV). We have some great teachers and community leaders helping us learn about pollution, the environment, cars, electricity, welding, mechanics, and presentation skills.

What Are We Trying To Do?

We are trying to raise money so ECORV can compete in the EV Grand Prix in April. The EV competition, sponsored by the Department of Energy, has teams of high school students in the Mid-Atlantic region convert a gas powered car into an electric car. The teams will take their cars to Richmond, Virginia in April to be judged in six categories. Our car will be judged on its design, range, and speed. We will also give a presentation to the judges about our project. We have been working hard for months and we want to win the competition!!

How Can You Help?

We already have a team of students and teachers and a car (donated by Pope Motors). We also have $1500 from Virginia Power and almost $2000 donated from local businesses and supporters. But, we still need $6500 to finishing converting our car to an EV and to send a team to Richmond to compete. Will you help us reach our goal? Any amount you can donate will be greatly appreciated.

Please contact Anna Collier or Stephanie Martin at 721-4468 or email We can answer questions and share more information about our project.

Thank you for supporting Roanoke Valley students.