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Hilarie Johnson

What do those farmers do?

Fellahin are Farmers in Egypt who live in villages and work on small plots of land that they rent from landowners. Fellahin can raise only enough to feed their families. Any food left over gets sold in the market.

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Where do they get all that sand?

Erg is a Huge area of shifting sands in the Sahara. The Sahara is one of the largest deserts in the world and has many ergs with many shifting sand dunes.
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Why do they live in the desert?

Bedouins are nomadic desert people of Southwest Asia. The bedouins like to have freedom to do what ever they want in the desert.
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Sunrise at Erg Chebbi Sand Dune - Merzouga - Morocco
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3 facts about Saudi Arabia

1. It's the largest country in south west Asia

2. The largest and harshest desert is the Rub

3. Has no rivers or permanent bodies of water

3 of Egypts main crops

1. Sugar cane

2. Grains

3. Vegetables

Who were the Berbers

They were the first known people to live in North America