29 August 2014 | St. Mary Magdalen School | San Antonio, TX

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Throughout this year, each month we will focus on a different value. Each of our character values are based on Catholic Social Teaching. They are: CURIOSITY, DIGNITY, JUSTICE, RESILIENCE, SELF-DISCIPLINE, ZEAL & STEWARDSHIP. You may have noticed our different posters in the school regarding these values.

You, and certainly the students, may ask: “Why all this emphasis on values? Especially with words that are long and not exactly commonly-used? Why not simply use what other schools do, like Respect and Responsibility?”

Well, we focus on these values because we believe they will help our kids accomplish our two goals for them: College and Heaven. In fact, in a study done by David Levin, research found that the best predictor of graduation from college was not IQ, not grades, not standardized test scores, and not income level. Instead, it was the possession of certain character traits. In Levin’s words: “They were the students [college graduates] who were able to recover from bad grades and resolve to do better next time; who could bounce back from unhappy breakups or fights with their parents; who could persuade their professors to give them extra help after class; who could resist the urge to go out to the movies instead of stay home and study.”

Indeed, academic research has consistently shown that character is the most accurate predictor of future success.

We chose our seven words mainly because they are vehicles for our two goals, and they connote Catholicism as well as explicitly relate to the seven tenets of Catholic Social Teaching.


Guess what? CQ is just as important as IQ! A "Hungry Mind" is essential for success. Check out this article on the importance of CURIOSITY.

Want Happiness? Look No Further Than The Beatitudes, Says Pope Francis

Science Lab: Incoming!

Our students will soon benefit from a state-of-the-art science lab. We knew that this was something we needed, and after some blood, sweat and tears (literally), we made it happen. The Maverick Science Lab is set to launch this month, and what better month to do so than the Month of Curiosity!

New Faces, Part 2

I must mention some additional new faces we have this year! Namely: Paulina Justiniani and Laura Martinez (K5), Earl Costley (Middle School), April Krueger (K3), and Melissa Guerra (After School Care). Welcome to our small, but growing family!

PTC Meeting

Thanks to all of you who made it to our First PTC Meeting of the year. It was a chance to come together, discuss some important events, not to mention earn some service hours! Many thanks to Chef Hsu and Chef Joe for preparing the food!

PTC Nominations

If you are interested in serving on PTC, or know of someone who may be, please email me with details. The PTC is a crucial and impactful vehicle for advancing the mission of our school mainly through a focus on immediate needs and goals of our school community. I look forward to working with those who are interested.

Mission Meeting: Wednesday, 9/10 at 5:30 p.m. in the Library

We presented our 3 options for our mission revision at the PTC meeting. Please take the time to read, reflect on, and if you like, respond to me regarding these options:

The mission of St. Mary Magdalen School is to:

1. empower our families to witness the Gospel through excellence in faith, academics and service in support of our Catholic identity.

2. empower our Catholic school community for a faith-filled journey of academic excellence and service.

3. empower the St. Mary Magdalen family to witness the Gospel and grow through faith, academics and service.

We'll meet on Wednesday, 9/10, to discuss and perhaps finalize our mission statement.

Clubs Begin This Week!

We have so many options for our students to shine extracurricularly this semester! Please check out the offerings!
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Staff Breakfast & 8th Grade Breakfast

Please come out the next two Sundays for fundraiser breakfasts in support of our school! This Sunday will be run by the staff and next Sunday will be coordinated by Sister Juana and the 8th grade class. Take in a great Mass at our parish and head over to Jubilee Hall to enjoy the best breakfast deal in town, outside of your mama's kitchen.

Fall Sports Kick Off With Steam & Screams At Pep Rally!

It was difficult to hear what was being said, but it was impossible not to feel the SPIRIT! We Mavericks are a proud bunch, and we are not shy about it. Our soccer, volleyball, football, and cross country teams are set to take the Fall season by storm. Our volleyball team in particular looks ready, as they really took it to the staff in an informal matchup!

Our Parish Bulletin

Please click on the link below for important information regarding our parish.

Handbook Acknowledgement Form

This are found on the last page of our handbook, which can be found on our website. Please return this form at your earliest convenience.

School Pictures

My Story Telling Place will be doing our school photos this year. The date has been set for Wednesday, September 17. This is a Mass Day, so our kids should be looking SHARP.

Hope For The Future 5K

HFF does so much for Catholic education, and the HFF 5K is a chance to return the favor. Let's have a great turnout for the Run/Walk! See details below!
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No School Monday; Enjoy Your Labor Day Weekend!

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