December 7-Mariner Matters

Shout Outs from the district walk through

1. Transitions time were better.

2. Evidence of STEM

3. Schedule was followed.

4. Writing is a focus.

5. I Can statements up in every room.

6. Evidence of planning across most grade levels.

7. Second grade was really well planned as a grade level as the activities showed an increase in rigor and student engagement.

Areas of reflections from the walk through

1. Some I can statements need to be larger and some appear to not have been changed often. If we are not already doing so teachers should refer back to the I can statements during the day.

2. Add objectives to projects/ writing displayed outside the classroom.

Other areas of reflection will be discussed in grade levels or individually next week.

Cogat testing-Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

All of third grade will be involved in Cogat testing on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday next week. Several instructional assistants will be involved involved in the assessment.

Progress reports-Monday

Progress reports are to go home on Monday.

Curriculum Team-Monday

The curriculum team will meet Monday to discuss the last math assessment.

Pollard Band Performing-Monday

Pollard's band will be performing on Monday. Mr. Smith sent out an earlier email that I have copied below:

  • Concert Starts at 2pm in the gym
  • First Grade Specials will end at 1:30pm so students can return to classroom to pack up
  • All students should pack up before the concert and leave backpacks in the classroom.
  • Please discuss what good audience participation looks like, especially on the bleachers (no stomping of feet)
  • 5th grade will be called to the gym starting at 1:40 , and then 4th, 3rd, 2nd,1st,K, and PreK. We will make an all call to remind teachers on Monday.

  • 5th grade students selected by Ms.Bowling will report to the gym at 1:30 to assist with the chairs and bleachers and then join their classes on the bleachers.

  • At the end of the concert, weather permitting, we will use outside gym doors for the 3rd-5th grades to exit


MTSS and PBIS will meet on Tuesday in the Discovery Lab to finish work on classroom expectations and school wide expectation.

PTA Board Meeting-Tuesday

There will be a PTA board meeting on Tuesday starting at 6:30pm in the Media Center. Amy McNish and Mandi Holmberg are your representatives.

Math Walk Through-Thursday

Katherine Phelps from UNC will be here to walk through during math of grades 3-5. She will stop in and observe a few minutes of each teacher's math time on Thursday. She will come back on Monday, December 14th to debrief with the grade levels during planning time. She will be looking for math talks Christina has reviewed with you this year.

Lesson Plans

Lesson Plans will be checked and walk throughs will start again this week.

PTA fashion show and winter concert

The PTA will be holding a fashion show for the thrift shop. Any staff member that participates or attends the show will receive coupons. Our wonderful chorus will also be performing that night.

anti-bullying assembly

Wool E. Bull will be here February 5th to do an anti-bullying assembly.