WW2: The Holocaust

Silence and Death of the Innocent

Background of the Holocaust

The word Holocaust means "death by fire" which is exactly how millions and millions of people were killed. Hitler and Dr. Mengele had a perfect race in mind, one that consists of blonde haired, blue eyed germans. This was the idea of The Aryan Race. This was what Hitler wanted and Dr. Mengele was there to see if it was genetically possible to make people this race. Since it wasn't, if you were disabled, or especially if you were Jewish, you were brought to concentration camps or death camps.

The Camps

What Were the Camps?

Once the Jews arrived at the camps, men were sent to one line, women and children in another. The men were to tell their age and if to young, killed. If they were to old, killed. If they were in bad health, killed. But the healthy young men were put to cruel work in horrible, inhumane conditions. The women, children and elders were either shot, put in gas chambers, or in the crematorium. Millions of people died from the harsh treatment, weather, disease or the other cruel ways of killing.