Dear Sir/Madam,

We have learned of your company while participating in 2014 Medica/Compamed fair, held in Düsseldorf. We have decided to write to you as your website and information provided in catalogue list life sciences as part of your business activities.

Results of market research have shown that Eastern Europe, especially the Balkans, is a growing market for your industry, and should your company decide, or has already decided to extend your business to this market, we are here to provide high quality services when it comes to translation and localization of all types of documents required for your successful presence at the markets of East Europe and the Balkans.

We are a Translation Company based in Belgrade, Serbia, specialized for Serbian and languages of South-Eastern Europe. Medicine is our major field of expertise and over the years we’ve built teams of translators who are well-versed in various fields of life sciences.

Our translation output in this field exceeds 1,000 pages per month and our translations are always evaluated with highest grades.

Fields of expertise:

Clinical Research Studies * Medical Devices

Pharmacy * Chemistry * Patents * Dentistry * Veterinary Medicine * Medical Supplies * Medical Software * Websites * Portals Localization * Transcreation * Marketing in Life * Sciences * Oncology * Neuroscience * Infectious Diseases * Immunology * Cardiovascular diseases and Metabolism * Respiratory and Pulmonology * Blood diseases * Gynecology and Obstetrics * Ophthalmology * Rheumatology * Legislation related to Healthcare and Medicine

Our offer includes the following languages:

Serbian * Croatian * Bosnian * Slovenian * Montenegrin * Macedonian * Bulgarian * Romanian * Czech * Slovak * Russian

If you are interested in our company and mutual cooperation, we would be glad to provide you with more details about our work, references and procedures, as well as to do a free test translation so that you may evaluate our performance.


Angelina Mašić

Eurotranslate d.o.o.

Vrtlarska 35b, Belgrade, Serbia

Tel: +381 11 314 96 17

+381 11 314 96 18

+381 11 314 96 19