by Dusko Beljic


May 2014
I've been learning English in this school for about four years. I started learning from the lowest level and now I am at B1+a level. Nowadays, my English knowledge is very good and I am satisfied with it. My school Lingva gives us many different kinds of possibilities for active learning. For example: computer classes,library,watching videos...

I use English very much at work and while travelling and I can communicate with people from other countries without problems. I recommend learning foreign languages because it is important for a modern man.


A Dog Show 2014 in Valjevo

Traditionaly every year there is A Dog Show in Valjevo on the stadium Pecina. The date of the show is 1st May every year. There are many different kinds of dogs on the show and judges have a hard task to choose the best. Dogs are competing in more than 10 categories. Many people from all the cities of Serbia take part in this competition because it is very important event for dogs and their owners.I am looking forward to visiting this event because I like dogs and this is a great fun for the whole family.
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1st private school in Valjevo

Pioneer of blended learning in Serbia