Acid Attacks in Bangladesh

By Jacob Lyman

What is it?

- Acid attacks is a violent assault. It is defined as the action of throwing acid at someone with the intention to disfigure, maim, torture, or kill. The attackers usually throw acid at the persons face, burning them, damaging skin tissue, often exposing and dissolving bones. Attackers use many types of acid including sulfuric, hydrochloric, or nitric. Acid attacks are most common in Bangladesh and are becoming more common every year. The wave of acid-throwing coincided with a new trend by women in Bangladesh to assert their rights.

Who are the victims?

- The victims are women, most commonly, 80% of acid attacks are directed to women. 40%-70% of women who are attacked, are below the age of 20. In 1998 ten girls under the age of 10 were attacked in Bangladesh, 79 women between the age of 20-30 were attacked, and 20 victims were between the 20-30 years old. Often other members of the family attacked are also harmed when they are in the vicinity of the acid attack. Most survivors experience dramatic changes in their lifestyle and face social isolation that is damaging to self-esteem and economic position.

Laws against Acid attacks.

- Bangladesh made acid attacks illegal in 2002, and made other attacks against women illegal in 2003. But due to acid's cheap price (Sulfuric acid- 44 cents, and Nitric acid- 59 cents per pound), the laws are having little, to no effect at all to stop these attacks. Attackers can be sent to jail for as much as 10 years. But there has been some improvement across other countries, only a 3% drop in acid attacks have occurred in the world. It is expected to go up to 8% in 2015.

5 Themes of geography:

Location- Bangladesh, east of India, west of China, south of Bhutan. And north of Burma.

Region- Bangladesh is located in Asia and is placed on the eastern Hemisphere.

HEI: Acid also affects the environment pretty badly, it kills trees, harms animals, and kills plants or crops.

Public opinion:

- The public opinion around this situation is very negative, people define this action as sick, and inhumane. Defenders want the attackers to have them sent to jail for life or be burned alive. The public will do anything to give the defenders money to help them heal from their attacks.

My opinion:

- My opinion is the same way, the attackers should be sent to jail for life where they can't harm anyone anymore. These attackers are sick and inhumane and have no rights to attack innocent women who are very young and can not defend for themselves.

How to stop this?

- So far there is no signs of stopping these attacks from occurring, although people are giving money to people to buy means of defense against the attackers, but what they should do is raise the price of acid really high to (20.00 dollars per pound), or maybe even higher so that it will be very hard to get the acid the attackers need, or the government should do something about it. They should take control of the acid production and keep close watch to who buys it and why.

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