The Indian Caste System

The Caste System in India was a system of social classes in India consisting of Brahmins (Priests), Kshatriyas (Warriors), Vaishyas (Merchants and Landowners), Shudras (servants), and Untouchables who are technically out of the Caste and consist of subordinates to merchants


The Untouchables were a group of people in lower Indian class that were viewed as nothing by the other classes and were generally segregated by all classes. In 1950 Untouchability was outlawed in India. As a citizen you wouldn't be liked at all and you would be poor


In India the Shudras were servants and the lowest class of the Caste system other than the untouchables. Some members of this class however did end up becoming a higher class such as Kshatriyas or Vaishyas. As a citizen you would be a slave/servant and most likely poor


The Vaishyas are the merchants and landowners of The Caste System, they are the average person and the lowest of the "second-born" part of the pyramid. as a citizen of this social class you would be seen as average


Kshatriyas are the warrior class of the Indian Caste System. When it was war time they battled but when it was peace time they governed. Among other classes they were seen as honorable. As a Kshatriya you wouldn't be necessarily poor or rich, many also traded and crafted for ends meat


Brahmins are the priest class of the Indian Caste System and they were at the top of the pyramid, they were highly respected people. Some Brahmins were warriors as well as priests as well as professors at schools. As a Brahmin you would be respected. You would also be responsible for religious rituals in temples and homes

The Indian Caste System