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Merryhill Millcreek Celebrates 2016-2017 school year!

A year in review

It has been a fun filled year of learning and improving our creative abilities in Art class. We have explored new techniques, revisited and improved our skills and learned more about art from the past to the present. Here is a sampling of what we did this year. For more art to look at go to our site on Artsonia, I look forward to the new school year. See you all in the 2017-2018 school year. - Mrs. Howell
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PBL Kindergarten - How does a butterfly grow up differently than a human?

See our fabulous display in the lobby! Kindergarten has been studying all about the butterfly. Included in our project based learning (PBL) they wrote and published a book, "If I were a Butterfly". Ms. S and Mrs. Howell worked together to help our students accomplish this goal.
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2nd Grade PBL - What is a solar system and who is there only life on Earth?

Visit our exciting display in the Tech Lab this month! 2nd grade has been very busy this spring learning about the solar system. As apart of this activity fictional writing was included. Students enjoyed writing stories which included aliens to tell us why their character could live on a specific planet based on what they researched. They painted pictures, made prints, created t-shirts and made planet displays.
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3rd Grade PBL - How has Sacramento changed over the last 150 years?

Sacramento then and now . . . see our exhibit in the tech lab! 3rd grade has spent 2 months preparing this exhibit with Ms. Poole and Mrs. Howell in our project based learning program (PBL). Come discover what they learned in this extensive project!

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