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Selecting The Perfect Specie For Your Wood Floors

Wood flooring Hendon is clearly a top notch solution in a lot of environments, mostly because of its appearance and durability. However, when you finally go out shopping, you will be surprised by the wide variety of species you can find out there. Wood is extremely diversified. Therefore, you have to decide on the right model too. For a lot of people, this is nothing but a matter of personal preferences and style. Of course, your available budget will play a very important role in the process as well. You might find it challenging to go through each style though, since there are over fifty different species used in flooring construction.

Deciding on the right wood specie for your floor

Some people love the light wood species. Maple and ash make some excellent options because they look aerated and light, so the whole environment seems quite open. On the other hand, specialists also agree that medium species make a good middle solution because they increase the overall feeling of warmth once you step inside the room. Oak and hickory are the most popular ones. Finally, if you want style and fineness, dark woods might be the answer. Mahogany and walnut are very common and quite durable too.

How about some exotic species?

There are plenty of exotic species as well. They tend to provide more solutions due to the numerous colors and nuances they come in. For instance, bubinga is an African solution that can provide a reddish or pinkish nuance of wood. The strains are purple, so the final result is even better. Such exotic solutions tend to come from South America, Africa and Australia.