Handcross Park School

NEWSLETTER WEEK 11 - Friday 18th March 2016

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Congratulations to the following children on achieving the following award:

Drama Cup - Yssy Nightingale & Edward Alexander

Golden Stick - Sophia Mordaunt

Be Trewe Badge - Lauryn Smith, James Thorne, Gracie Bentley, Olaiya Adeniji


Daisy White, Olivier Moseley Davis, Daisy Hanna, Morten Dahl, Isobel Owen, Sophia Mordaunt, Edward Alexander, Sulayman Makeem, Ismey Hawley, Ella Boyle, Freddie Wiseman, Gracie Bentley, Alex Els, Jamie Williams, Hermione Boyle, Maya Loder, Alexandra Hirons, Diana Iskandarova, Lauryn Smith, Kyle Williams, Flora Borthwick, Olivia Moore, Isabel Carter, Danielle Trevalion Turnbull, Clementine Rudd, Elina Smith, Roben Els, Amelia Cameron


Britons 8655

Normans 8946

Saxons 8623

Vikings 7928


House Swimming

Britons 1st - 386

Vikings 2nd - 367

Normans 3rd - 360

Saxons 4th - 286

Senior Victrix Ludorum - Millie Owton & Austin Emens

Middles Victor Ludorum - Briony Martin & Henry Broadley

Junior Victrix Ludorum - Charlie Maynard & Harry Prescott


ATHLETICS - Amber Dunne & Eno Nto

ROUNDERS - Gabi Brookes

TENNIS - Joel Eaton

CRICKET - Aadil Rahim


Gabi Brookes, Megan Hay & Elina Smith

RYDON AWARD - 1st XV Rugby 100% record

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Katie Coles, Samuel Pearson, Bailey Brown, Emilia Lynch, Sophia Findlay, Sam Carragher, Seamus Robinson, Freya Whitehouse, Stanley Teuten, Mollie Adams, Alexander Kennell, Annabel Skerrett, Henry Kennell, Alex Hallett, Isla Bertelsen, Cameron Chatt, Esme Teasdale, Harry Prescott, Max Billington, Ciara Millard, Lauryn Smith, Constance Whale, Amber Dunne, Henry Sheikh, Clementine Rudd, Romeo Wang, Edward Hartley, Ella Gregory, James Guy
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A note from the Chair

On Thursday The Friends ran the annual East Egg Hunt for the Pre-Prep children. Whilst a bit chilly, everyone participating had lots of fun and watching the children hunt out the prize of their chocolate always brings a smile to your face. I would like to give a big thank you to Emma Oakden, Kelly Docherty and Katherine Bushell who gave up their time to help with the event. Thank you also to the Pre-Prep Staff. The Prep School children have not been forgotten either and should come home with an Easter gift from The Friends as well.

Next term will hopefully see some warmer weather arrive in time for our outdoor events:

- the Summer Fair being held on Saturday, 5 May 2016. Your Year Reps will be in touch with you about running any stalls.

- the Summer Ball being held on Saturday, 18 June 2016. The Ball Committee are excited to see so many of you supporting the Summer Ball by booking your tables. If you have not done so already, and want to join us, please do finalise your table . The Friends boxes are in each of the Pre-Prep and Prep Offices to take your booking forms.

The last happening for The Friends during the Summer Term that I want to mention is the AGM. This will be held on 9 June 2016 in the Small Hall at 7pm. All parents are welcome to attend, not just the Year Reps or Committee Officers. At this years AGM we will have a vacancy for Vice Chair. The Vice Chair stands for two years in office - the first year as the Vice Chair supporting the Chair and the second year as the Chair. If you are interested in standing for Vice Chair or want more information please contact me on ballprojectsltd@gmail.com.

As always The Friends door is open to all parents. For any information please contact myself or your class rep

Have a wonderful Easter


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This weekend the Full Boarders had fun bouncing around on the trampolines and hunting for Easter Eggs in the grounds. Lucky they found them all before the staff did!

On Friday the weekly boarders joined the full boarders and day children for the ‘Oscars.’ Congratulations on all the entries.

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Happy Birthday Mark. Don’t forget to share those delicious cakes with us all!


Last Friday evening Hollywood arrived at Handcross Park School complete with red carpet and access all areas press. The school held, in conjunction with Shooting Scripts the first Shooting Scripts Handcross Park Inter House Film award. The initial brief to the students was to create a 5 minute film on anything that they liked. The event had 6 entries from the students and all the entries were introduced by the directors of the films to friends and family in the Chapel.

The students were very privileged to have had their films judged by professionals from the film industry. Rodger Spottiswoode, directed Tomorrow Never Dies- James Bond and Adam Rolston who has produced micro films for the Edinburgh fringe, took time out from filming there latest film.

The quality of the films impressed the judges who found choosing an overall winner very difficult. Congratulations to all the film makers who I know really enjoyed creating their films as well as the Oscars. A special congratulations to overall winner Sam Carragher and his winning documentary "the Bluebell railway".

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Year 3

Effort: Xavier Combe-Law

Dining Room Etiquette: Lucas Long

Courtesy: Karim Nakouzi

Year 4

Effort: Lorna Breen

Dining Room Etiquette: Roseanna Colley

Courtesy: Henry Dobbs


As you may be aware Kate O'Connor recently visited the school to discuss the importance of looking after our eyes. Boots Opticians have recently released 'Zookeeper Zoe', an interactive book for parents and children to read through together which could highlight any issues. These can be collected for free in any Boots Optician or Chemists or alternatively visit the website below to experience this in digital form.


Class Talent Ltd are pleased to be offering Summer Schools Workshop in August. If your child is interested they can be contacted via email or their website: enquiries@classtalent.co.uk or www.classtalent.co.uk.


Please remember to let us know in the surgery if your child has suffered with any childhood infectious diseases over the holiday period. We would also like to know of any changes to your child’s Health, Allergy or Vaccination status. Please inform us on nurse@handxpark.com so we can keep their personal health records up to date.

Many thanks


School Nurse




Second Hand Sale – Including Summer Uniform & Cricket kit

There will be a second hand uniform sale on Friday the 15th April from 8am – 10 am

If your child has outgrown any of the summer uniform or cricket kit this would be an ideal opportunity to bring it to the school shop for re-sale prior to this date.



200 House Points: Thomas King

300 House Points: Lily Bendall, Zaara Rahim, Elena Stiglitz, Alexandra Hirons


200 House Points: George Melik

300 House Points: Sulayman Makeem

400House Points: Hermione Boyle


200 House Points: Matthew Hogben

300 House Points: Gagik Aleksanyan, Eve Clarke, Isobel Owen, Morten Dahl, Harry Prescott, Thomas Iveson, Georgia Millar-Smith

400 House Points: Gagik Aleksanyan


50 House Points: Zachary Lovell

100 House Points: Joshua Hanna

200 House Points: Sebastian Eaton, Peter Gan

300 House Points: Alex Dawson, Jack Groves

400 House Points: Karim Nakouzi (Apologies this was omitted from last week's newsletter)






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This week has been full of Easter fun for all the children.


In Reception our week began with much excitement as the eggs in the incubators began to hatch! The chicks have been popping out their shells throughout the week and have been filling the rooms with their chirping. In the build up to Easter we have been using water colours this week to create our own patterned eggs, melted chocolate to make Easter nests and made paper cup rabbits. In the middle of all of this we even made time for a visit to Paradise Park to finish off their topic on dinosaurs and begin their time travel topic next term.

The children loved learning lots of facts about dinosaurs and life after, went on a train ride and were a great representation of the school.

If you missed it last week, here is the video Reception children made as part of our music week: https://youtu.be/Uvsn-RPD4pE

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Year 1

Did you ever wonder why so many sweets are named after space? (Mars, star burst, milky way…)Well, just ask the children in Year 1 who were equally fascinated by this fact, researched why and then got busy designing their own space inspired sweets and chocolate bars.

Year 1 were also busy this week gaining their final space credits and being accredited as official space cadets. The children’s smiling faces summed up their pride and the purpose behind all their hard work and learning this term. Well done to all our future space explorers!

Year 2

Year 2’s learning journey took them somewhere closer to home this week... The ‘exotic’ land of Horsham Park to explore forces as the culmination of our science topic!

Pre-Prep Choir

The Pre-Prep choir performed in the Godalming Music festival at Charterhouse this week. The children sung themselves proud in this grand venue and came first in their category with a distinction! They also performed beautifully in the Spring Concert. A huge congratulations to all the children and a big thank you to Mrs McMorran for organising the event and of course all her hard work every week with the choir.

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Also this week the school council helped lay a path of mosaic stepping stones that Art Club had made earlier this term. There was much excitement as children were able to hop along these creative masterpieces.

Easter Hunt

Easter hunts in the woods brought the week to an end for all the children in Nursery and Pre-Prep. Reception and Year 1 were set an Easter hunt challenge to solve a secret sentence while Wise Owls hunted for matching eggs. A big thank you to the FHXP as always for their help and contribution to this event.

Phew! A busy week to end another busy term – amazing!



Molly Cumberland, Millie Wakefield, Edward Bower, Jemimah Davies, Lily Hollis, Henry Kennell, Alex Moirinho, William Shelton, Jocelyne Sturgess, Benjamin Smith, Isabella Price, Rory Dawson, Kevin Cheng, Jemima Hirons, Arianne Docherty, James Guy & Constance Whale


Conor Robinson


Persephone Boyle


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George Musgrave, Sebastian Bjorn, Oliver Trowell, Millie Wakefield, Amelia Blakemore, William Shelton. Lucy Hogben, Annabel Skerrett, Lucy Ball, Vigo Weightman, Max Dining, Lucy Skerrett, Fahren Elmellas



RS - Lillie Whale

RM - Zach Collison

1D - Jonnie Wakefield

1W - Millie Wakefield

2R - James Guy

2L - Ben Smith

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RM - Lucy Ball

RS - Max Billington

1D - Jocelyne Sturgess

1W - Faris Khan

2R - Lucy Hogben

2L - Jemima Hirons


RM - Barnaby Eden

RS - Lexie Spivey

1D - Zach Whorlow

1W - Simon Wakefeild

2R - Charlie Bendall

2L - Emily Groves


BLUE 118 Total 964

GREEN 124 Total 980

RED 126 Total 977

YELLOW 123 Total 975


LITTLE OWLS..........

The week began with the hatching of 5 little chicks much to the delight of everyone in the class! Shortly afterwards the chicks were moved to their new interim home and were closely monitored by the children who have been very helpful at feeding time.

The kitchen has been a hive of activity too, with all of the Little Owls carefully baking Easter biscuits to take home.

We finished the week with an Easter Egg Hunt and enjoyed some chocolate treats after finding them hidden around the garden.

WISE OWLS ........

As the Spring Term draws to a close, the Wise Owls team have thoroughly enjoyed this final week with the children. They have been thrilling us all with their growing independence and developing learning skills and it has been a real pleasure to see them flourishing. We have been particularly pleased to see many occasions where the children have been exploring their own child-led interests; most notably, an aeroplane constructed from our large wooden Community blocks and an amazing group-wide Marble Run construction. How lovely to see the children working together as a team, exchanging ideas and problem solving, often using ‘trial and error’.

We have continued to learn about signs of Spring and the celebration of Easter. Our Wise Owls have been practising their cutting skills when making their individual Easter cards and have been learning about what plants need to grow as they planted Easter violas.

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