Writing & Speaking Center Services

Please consider these resources as the semester winds down!

At this point in the semester, everyone is trying to finish writing assignments:

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Writing & Speaking Tutoring:

As the semester progresses and more assignments are due, please remember to recommend the Writing & Speaking Center to your classes. Our tutors can assist with any writing or speaking tasks, and students can make an appointment online or drop by the Center to see if a tutor is available.

If the schedule is full, students can join the online Wait List to be notified of openings or e-mail Mandy Taylor at apheatwole@smcm.edu to inquire about additional availability.

Practice Space for Speeches and Presentations:

In addition to our tutoring services, LI 115 is available as practice space for oral expression assignments whenever it is not in use as a classroom. Students can visit alone or with a group to practice or record presentations.

Help with SMPs and Seminar Papers:

If you are advising SMP students or teaching an upper-level seminar class, please recommend the Center to your students. Our tutors are happy to help with the individual sections of longer papers in regular tutorials, but we also offer an SMP and Long Paper Drop-Off Service.

Required Tutorials for a Whole Class:

If you are planning to require a whole class to visit the Center for a particular assignment before the end of the semester, please e-mail Mandy Taylor at apheatwole@smcm.edu to share your plans. Our schedule often fills suddenly this time of the semester, but we are better able to ensure appointment availability if we know in advance that your students will be visiting.