Center Community Chat

September 12, 2021

Dear Center Families,

So nice to see students and staff settling in, reconnecting, and getting engaged in learning this week. It was wonderful to start the week off with our "Let Your Kind Shine" spirit day, which will be celebrated the first Monday of the month for the remainder of the year.

We look forward to welcoming you into the school on Tuesday night for our open house. A reminder that all participants need to wear a mask. Please see the schedule below and note the changes; the opening remarks were pre-recorded, we will not be meeting in-person.

Volunteers and Staff Needed:

We are in need of 2-4 parents to laminate and copy materials for staff. We would train you to use the laminator. Please email Dianna if you are interested.

We are still in need of building substitutes and a paraprofessional. Qualifications for the paraprofessional position is an associates, it does not have to be in education. Please call Donna or Dianna if you would like more information or apply through the following link

Staff Updates

We are pleased to share that three interventionists will be starting at Center on Monday. Beth Stevenson and Marsha Gilmore are returning as reading interventionists and Lee Williams has been hired to provide math support to our students. Welcome interventionists!

Permission to take pictures

A picture speaks a thousand words as they say, and we love to include these in our weekly updates and on the website through our Twitter feed. Please let email Ms. O’Hearn at if you do not want your child’s picture included in these forums.


Thank you for your patience with bus schedules this week. We saw an improvement by the end of week and all buses left campus by 3:35 on Thursday and Friday . We will continue to email you if a bus leaves the campus after 3:45 or if we are informed of any other delays or issues.

Look forward to seeing you on Tuesday night.

Warm Regards,

Dianna and Donna

Curriculum Night

We are looking forward to our annual Curriculum Night on Tuesday, September 14th , which will be held in person. All participants must be wearing a mask. Please see the schedule and details below:

  • Grades K-2 - 5:30- 6:15 p.m.- Classroom Presentations

  • All Grades - 6:15-7:00 p.m.—Specialist and Special Educator Time: Music, Art, Library, Computer, P.E., Special Education, Reading, and ELL Staff Members will be in their rooms. Please stop by these areas and meet our Specialists and Special Educators!

    Specialist and Special Educator Classrooms

  • Grades 3&4 - 7:00 -7:45 p.m. Classroom Presentations

  • Just a reminder that this is an opportunity for caretakers to meet with Center staff.

  • We suggest only one (1) family member attend on behalf of their child to minimize the number of adults coming into the classrooms

  • Please make child care accommodations for your children as this an adult only event.

  • Please remember that open house is an opportunity to meet your child’s teacher, see their class, and learn about the curriculum. We respectfully ask you to refrain from asking questions pertaining to your children, this will be reserved for conferences.

  • Please note that classrooms will be closed until the grade level classroom presentations.

  • Custodians and contracted cleaning vendors will fog the buildings after each session before students and staff return to school the next morning

Notes from the Nurse

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Lice Information

Dear Families,

This notice is a reminder to please check your child’s head today and regularly for head lice. Head lice are not a health hazard but once identified, should be treated quickly since they reproduce rapidly.

Lice, like ticks and mosquitoes, bite and feed on the scalp which can cause itching.

Lice may appear as nits (tiny white dots in the hair that do not brush off like dandruff, but rather stick to the underside of the hair shaft) or may appear as an adult louse (approx.

1-2mm long, hide close to the scalp). Lice are spread by head to head contact and crawl quickly; they do not jump or hop. An important practice is to avoid sharing personal items such as combs, brushes, hair elastics, headbands, hats, and pillows, especially at sleepovers. Be sure that family members and close friends check their heads as well, as most incidences occur from social gatherings outside of school. Having head lice is not related to uncleanliness and can happen to anyone at any time.

If you find lice, keep your child home and treat with an over the counter product your pediatrician recommends. Follow directions carefully. Nit removal is the best way to avoid re-infestation. Check hair /scalp in ¼ inch sections over child’s head.

Re-shampoo in 7-10days as directed. Wash bedding, hats and stuffed animals, then place in the dyer on high/hot setting for at least 30 minutes. You also may place stuffed animals in a plastic bag, tie tightly and store for two weeks. Vacuum your home well, especially carpets, couches and car head rests. You must notify the school nurse so that

1. If live lice are noted during school, the nurse will contact the parent/guardian and dismiss the student with an informational letter.

2. The nurse will identify any siblings and assess them, or will notify other nurses in the Chelmsford School district if a sibling attends their school.

Note that a student will not be dismissed if nits are noted, but treatment must be performed before returning to school. Students will be cleared to return for school when no live lice are present and a shampoo has been performed at home with an over the counter head lice product. Students who have been treated must first report to the school nurse prior to the start of the school day and then for periodic rechecks while treatment continues.

Please contact your School Nurse with questions.

From Center's Librarian

Hello families and welcome back to Center School!

I am excited to have classes coming back into the library and checking out books! Once again, I am looking for volunteers to help in the Center School Library. You are welcome to volunteer during your child’s class time or any other time that works for your schedule. In addition to organizing and shelving books, volunteers checkin and checkout books, help students in class and assist with a variety of projects. If you are interested in volunteering, please email me at Please include the following information in your email: your name, your student's name, their teacher's name and whether you would like to help every week or every other week.

Thank you so much for your support!

Mrs. Engdahl



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Resources and Information

Upcoming Events


  • Tuesday, September 14: Open House Night, Grades K, 1 & 2: 5-6:15 PM,Grades 3 & 4: 7-8:15 PM

  • Thursday, September 15: International Dot Day; Wear your dots!

  • Thursday, September 15: Yom Kippur at sundown - nightfall on September 16
  • Wednesday, September 29: CSPTO meeting at Center Library, 6:30 meet and greet, 7-8 PM meeting


  • Monday, October 4: Be Kind - Wear Kind

  • Wednesday, October 6: Ice Cream, Social, 4-7PM, rain date October 7th

  • Monday, October 11: No School - Columbus Day

  • Thursday, October 14: School picture day

  • Friday, October 15: Chelmsford Spirit wear day

  • Tuesday, October 19: Half Day - Professional day

  • Saturday, October 30: Trunk or Treat

Arrival and Dismissal Information

Caretaker Drop-off

  • Drive through drop-off begins at 8:45 and ends at 8:59. Please do not arrive on campus prior to 8:40. Please enter from Billerica road and turn right when approaching the school. Please drive up to a cone before stopping your vehicle and letting students exit. Another staff member will be stationed as the entrance curves to the right, please do not drop any students off before you reach this staff member.

  • Students should exit from the driver’s side so they do not cross in front or behind cars. Students can enter the building and go directly to their classrooms at 8:50.


  • Caretakers who are walking students to school please wait with your child in the front of the school. This option is for families who live in walking distance. Please do not park on campus and walk your child to the front door.


  • Caretakers must turn off and park their cars in the upper parking lot nearest Billerica Road, if entering the building to pick up your student. Proceed to the crosswalk and down the sidewalk to the front door. Park in designated spots only so cars are not blocked in.

  • Parking on the access road to the school is not allowed as buses are entering there and caretakers are using that road to exit. Caretakers are allowed to park behind town hall and walk through the large path to the school.

  • Doors open at 3:18, please go directly to the cafeteria. All families entering must be wearing a mask. A card with your students' name will be on a table to the right. Please pick this up and proceed into the cafe, find your child and join the line to the staff member who will dismiss your child. Please have a form of identification ready upon exiting at least for the first two weeks, or until our staff member becomes familiar with you.

  • Please send in a note for teachers on the first day to let them know if your student will not be riding a bus home every day. If your child normally rides the bus but you need to pick up, please send a note to the teacher, the teacher will notify the office. If you need to change your student’s after school plans you must call the office by 2:30. Students will not be dismissed from the office after 2:45