Bill Of Rights

David Vasquez, u.s.History, period 1

What are the Bill Of Rights

The Bill of rights were the first amendments added to the u.s constitution what means that you can follow any religion that u choose.

Bill #1

prohibiting the free excise there of ,or abridging the freedom of speech or of the press

Bill #2 people need secure the country

security of a free state,the right of people to keep bare arms.

Bill#3 right to bare arms

A soldier can't be homed in without consent of an owner.

Bill #4 people can Sucre

police can not search your property without a search warrant.

Bill #5 no person shall be held to answer for capital

has to decide if there's enough evidence to change you

Bill#6 The accused shall enjoy the right to a speedy speechlessly and public trail

This means if your charged your trail should happen as soon as possible.

Bill #7 civil case

involving a lot of money once the case decide it can't be brought up.

Bill #8 Your punishment should fit your crime

Shouldn't have to pay too much bail
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Bill #9 the enumeration in the Constitution of certain right

Just because we made this list doesn't mean these are the only right.

Bill #10 The powers not delegated

What if the Constitution doesn't give a certain power to do something.
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