The Heat of Miami, Florida

By Jordan and Bella

May 24, 2013

Weather Forecast

All people of Miami, good thing it’s Friday because it’s time to grab your bathing suits and drive over to the beach, for a long sunny weekend. The sun rays will be with us all day and temperatures will be about 84.7 degrees Fahrenheit. There will be a drizzle of rain if it gets too hot for you. The humidity is at 64%, so it won’t be too sticky. The wind will be blowing at 2 mph so it will feel hotter than it really is. There will be large cumulous clouds in the sky so you will get a little break from the sun. We are in a high pressure area with a barometric reading of 30.05”. See you tomorrow Miami.

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High and low pressure map on May 24

This is a map of the high and low pressure, and as you can see the blue line represents high pressure, and the red line represents low pressure. The blue line is crossing Florida, which means it's high pressure there.

Everyday Life

Put on your sunscreen and sunglasses because it’s hot and sunny out. You might even consider driving to the beach to cool off by the water. Shorts would be a good idea, and lots of water would be too. Since there will be a drizzle of rain, you may want to pack an extra tube of sunscreen so the rain won’t wash off the sunscreen you already have on. For all you photographers the sun will rise at 6:32 am and set at 8:05 pm.

The geography of Miami

In the summer Florida gets lots of thunderstorms because it is right next to the Gulf of Mexico. It is also very humid in Miami because it is on the southern peninsula of Florida. It is the second most humid city in the U.S.A. Miami’s elevation is only 12 feet above sea level which means the temperature doesn’t fluctuate a lot. Since Miami, Florida is near the equator it gets a lot of direct sunlight and a lot of thunderstorms in the summer. The winters are mild (Avg. 68º F) and dry. The temperatures in Miami are not extreme because of its location near water.

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Sea level map

This is a map of the elevation in southern Florida. It shows the hight in sea level