Tiffany Zayas

English 9 4x4 Final Exam

Journal Reflection

The biggest thing that happened to me in the year of 2014 was when i got a solo in my dance recital in november. the affect it had on me was amzing. Around that time i thought i was little "off my game" but then they pulled me to the side and told me they wanted me to do a solo. It made me alot more confident in myself. It boosted my self esteem up too. In 2015 I would like to be in a solo or specialty, Pass my grade, and get a job/ learn how to drive.

My best journal from this semster in my opinion would have to be " The biggest hing that happened in 2014." This is my best journal because i actually took the time and reflected on every great thing that happened to me that year. i came to the concluion and wrote about the time i got a solo in my dance recital. This prompt was very intresting to me. I was able to make alot of real life connections my whole story was a real life situation.

Dream Speech Revision

My overarching dream is to become successful at all of my other dreams. I have a dream that one day in the future the world will become more peaceful. By more peaceful I mean no more shootings, no more police brutality, no more bullying. I feel as if we are all in a maze, if we all get on the same page to end these things we will find the end to these events quickly. A way I will do this is by working toward my dream job. I have a dream that one day I will show people that if you work hard enough toward your goal and put your mind to it one day it will come. By doing this I will accomplishing my third goal. I have a dream that I will be very wealthy by the age of thirty. The way I will do this is by working extremely hard on my career and focus on making something out of myself. By doing this it will help me accomplish my next dream. I have a dream that I will become an inspiration to at least two people. I want to inspire them by showing them that just because you didn’t grow up in the best circumstances, with a silver spoon in your mouth, or you haven’t made the best decisions in life doesn’t mean that you should just give up. I think that everyone deserves a second chance in life and I want to be the one to tell and show them that. By doing this I will accomplish my last, final, and most important dream. I have a dream that one day I will make my family proud. I want to show them that everything they have taught me has finally paid off. In order to do this I will have to accomplish all of my dreams. In order to make my dreams become a reality I have to belive in myself and tell myself that i can do it. I will have to constantly tell myself that because if I dont even belive in my my own dreams why would anyone else? Now that you have heard my dreams my question is what are yours?

Student Choice Short Essay

What is worth fighting for? In my opinion i think that anything or anybody that you love or support is worth fighting for. I was taught that if you belive in something stand for it. Even if you dissagree with the whole world if that is what you belive stand for it! In The Rights To The Streets Of Memphis the boy kept going back to the store getting beat up, but the last time his mom sent him with the stick he got what he needed after the he beat the boys. This showed me that with a little support fighting for something is easier. This is a statement that i honestley belive and will live by forever.

Note To Self: Semester Reflection

Dear Tiffany, This year you could have started off a little better it was a bit shaky in the beginning. you were always sleeping in class, not finishing your work, and when you were awake you would talk and not pay attention. Later on in the semester you got your act together and started working to your potential. Even though there is always room for improvement you did work very hard and started paying attention. you stayed awake, still a did a little bit of talking but you did complete your work. My least favorite thing we did was A Gathering Of Old Men and The Oddyesy. My favorite thing we did was The Most Dangerous Game, A Sound Of Thunder, And The Rights To The Streets of Memphis. My favorite assignment was the I Have A Dream Speech. It took me a while but i did a very good job on it. Ps: Dont forget to thank Keshara And Ki for keeping you on task and caught up.

Sincerely, Tiffany