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School News

  • No uniforms $2 each day this week. All proceeds to toward the 5th grade Camp Grady Spruce trip in the spring.

This Week in Math...

  • Students are finishing up the very long Multiplication & Division Unit. TEST DEC. 4
  • Math Boxes Wk. 14 due on Thursday Dec. 4.

This Week in Science...

Force and motion Unit-Test tentatively Dec. 12

Students will be able to:

  • Identify the forces that act on an object.
  • Design an experiment to test the effect of force.

Important Vocabulary
  • force-any push or pull
  • gravity-a force that attracts objects to each other (pulls down toward the center of the Earth)
  • friction-a force that works against motion
  • magnetism-the force that attracts objects containing iron & a few other magnetic materials