Team Love + Dream + Bling

2014 (Had a change of heart about my team name)

April Newsletter

Your O2 Upline

Angelle' Booc Senior Team Leader

Michelle Burke Executive Team Leader (Team Krewe of Believe)

Robyn Torres Senior Director (Team F.A.B. -Faith, Always Love & Believe)

Tami & Madison Butcher Direct to Corporate (Team Believe)

Welcome to the Team!

Hillary Wilkinson (Bryanna Cox)

Evan Keenan (Angelle' Booc)

Mary Daigger (Angelle' Booc)

So happy to have you and help you on this Owlmazing journey with Origami Owl!

Soar to Success & Movin On Up!

What better way to get a jumpstart of growth in your business than with these owlsome incentives!!!! Please check your back office O2 Lounge docs for the rules and FAQ's.


Share the opportunity of Origami Owl with everyone and anyone! Don't decide for them or think you are being a bother, think of it as sharing something that has been a blessing to countless others including maybe yourself! What's the worst that can happen, they say no? It's ok, keep on keepin on! For everyone 10 No's there will be a YES!

Congrats to Bryanna Cox for sharing the O2 business and adding 1 team member!!! Whoot Whoot!!!


Top PV in March!

Amanda Jackson $981.95

Angelle' Booc $804.70

Megan Burke $582.20

Bryanna Cox $416.00

Leticia Hemmerly $255.20

Tiffany Rogers $208.00

Jill Colbert $208.00

Kasie Baird $199.10

Michele Mills $117.60

Deidre Leggiero $107.30

More Recognition!!!

Top PV in April! (as of 4/24)

Angelle' Booc $1388.90

Kasie Baird $489.70

Tiffany Rogers $415.70

Megan Burke $404.80

Leticia Hemmerly $175.90

Amy Edmonson $175.20

Cinco de Mayo Product Reveal with Tami Butcher & Beth Blemaster!

Check out the *Cinco de Mayo Product Reveal* from the comfort of your favorite sofa!

Join Tami and Beth **LIVE** from Beth's office as we show off the new Latin inspired product, Spanish Supplements and graduation product!


If you saw us (ahem) "testing" the webinar software the other day, you know that the two of us are NOT to be missed! We are uncut and unedited, so you know ANYTHING can happen!

*****Just for our team please. Other Directors have events and webinars planned and we do NOT want to rain on their parade! Thanks in advance!

Register for O2 National Convention

Statistics show that most who attend convention are 12 times more likely to do better in there business! Trust me when I say you do not want to miss out plus it's a tax write off!

The O2 Experience National Convention 2014

Thursday July 24, 2014-Saturday July 26, 2014

Phoenix Convention Center

100 North Third Street

Phoenix, AZ 85004

What are your goals?

Please let me know what you want out of this? Whether it's to just have extra money to pay for your kids sports, pay off debt or just go shopping! Maybe you want to become an Executive Team Leader or a Director! Whatever it is let me know and I will do my best to help you achieve it!

April Team Meeting & Opportunity Event

Friday, April 25th, 6:30pm

22014 Spring Oaks Dr

Spring, TX

I would love to see you again or meet you for the first time! Let's get together! I want to help you succeed any way that I can! Bring a friend you think may be interested in hearing more about joining O2!