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December Newsletter

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A Look at Last Month

November was a great month for our team! Eight new consultants were added. Please join me in welcoming:

Anita Riley

Beatrice Menchan

Patricia Pitts

Katie Demery

Ruth Monroe

Deborah Reed

Laura Rainey

Amelia Castillero

Consultant Training to Replace Seminar on December 12th

December 12th will be a special consultant training day. The Seminar with special guest James Spencer has been rescheduled to mid January. The exact date is not set, but be on the lookout for an update soon.

The training will take place at the home of Regina Lane (1929 Munn Pointe Dr., Whitsett NC 27377) and will begin at 1:00 and last about 2 hrs. Feel free to bring your lunch with you as we will be serving chips, cookies and drinks only.

This training will cover: understanding network marketing and direct sales, a proven method to promote to "Silver" consultant in the next 60 days and much more. There will be recognition of recent rank advancements, prizes and drawings.

Arrive on time to get in on the early bird drawing. Strive to get each person on your team to attend with you. The items we cover will help your business grow if you follow the suggestions.

Bring something to take notes, you will be glad you came!

Business Tip

You have given your prospective customer the Immunocal DVD and answered the questions they posed and they respond with:

"Let me do some research and get back to you."

Let's be realistic, where are they going to go for research? Amazon? It has been my experience that many are doing just that--reading the reviews of people who purchased Immunocal from those selling on Amazon.

What's the result? With no one to instruct them on the correct way to take Immunocal (on an empty stomach, with cold drinks only, not using an electric mixer, for example) or the proper dosage, many of those posting reviews conclude that Immunocal does not work.

Rather than lose your potential new customer/consultant to Amazon reviews, why not provide them a starting point for their research. Here is a list of links that you can copy and paste into a document so that the next time a person tells you they want to do research you can point them to legitimate information on the internet. How does Immunocal Work PDR Pub Med to look up glutathione Testimonials

Send it to them in an email, text or hard copy document. Happy selling!

Team Challenge

Sponsor 2 new consultants and sell 2 customer health packs during the month of December and receive a special business building kit and recognition at the January Seminar.

Watch your business grow!

December Promotions

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