Lose weight, gain lean muscle, tone your body all from home!

Our Program is for EVERYONE!!

WOD at Home is a FREE workout & weight training program based around functional exercises that translate into real-world activities. Centered around cardiovascular endurance, gymnastics, power-lifting and Olympic weightlifting, WOD at Home gives you a complete work-out program & weight training program to follow with the assumption that you are working-out at home and have limited equipment at your disposal.

WOD at Home is completely free and answers the question, “How do I work-out at home?”

Who We Are

Created by two garage gym athletes who followed the CrossFit mainsite, and other CrossFit work-out programs and weight training programs, who have now opened their own successful CrossFit affiliate.

What You'll Get - for FREE!

Each day, WOD at Home provides you with:

  • mobility exercises to perform,
  • a dynamic warm-up,
  • a work-out,
  • a cool-down,
  • exactly how to substitute the exercises depending on the equipment you have and your fitness level, and
  • links to videos explaining and teaching the exercises needed for that day.

Our virtual class agenda steps you though exactly what to do each day, at home for the weight training program in a way that you can easily fit into your schedule. It is not a 90-day weight training program that ends and leaves you scrambling to find what’s next. Simply follow the constantly varied WOD at Home work-out of the day and get ready to work hard and see drastic results!

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