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Viral Angels is an “Exclusive” Investors members club. The club is owned by the members and VA provides its members with the ability to participate in corporate finance activities including public listings and crowd funding.The club takes a stake in each company it works with and distributes the shares to its members in accordance with their financial participation.Take a look at the Team We provide companies with additional free-floating shareholders (an entry step to going public) and access to venture capital. Joining Viral Angels means obtaining access to our “exclusive” internal Market Place. Here members may buy and sell shares directly between each other. In addition you are able to take part in our crowd funding opportunities. As a member you have a number of options.

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Join as a Member Investing in companies that have been carefully chosen and selected by the Viral Angels team prior to them being made public. Have you ever wondered why some investors do so well in start-ups? One of many reasons is timing in many cases they get in at a very early stage, prior to a public listing
The Market Place Join as a Member plus Buy & Sell shares between other VA members. The companies publish their financial reports, press releases and other information that allows you to follow their progress, including video presentations and web casts for certain events. Viral Angels provides an escrow service to protect each member when doing transactions with other members
Join as a Member, Invest, Buy & Sell and “Share” your VA Investment Opportunity with others around the world.
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Have you even wondered why some investors do so well in startups? One of many reasons is timing in many cases the get in at a very early stage. The key is to work deals before they're out there and available to everyone. Once you're there it's often too late. In Viral Angels we have set out to bring that power to you!