Stages of Moral Development

By: Noah Freedman

Lawrence Kohlberg

  • Born October 25, 1927
  • Served in WW2
  • Afterwards went to college at the University of Chicago and got his bachelors degree in one year, then moved on to get his doctorate
  • Was a psychologist most recognized for Kohlbers Stages of Moral Development
  • Committed suicide on January 19, 1987
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Stages of Moral Development

Level 1 Pre-conventional Morality Right and wrong are determined by morality

Stage 1: Whatever leads to punishment is wrong

Stage 2: The right way to behave is the way that is rewarded

Level 2 Conventional Morality views of others matter, avoid blame and seek approval

Stage 3: Behaving in ways the conform to "good behavior"

Stage 4: Obedience to authority. Importance of "doing ones duty"

Level 3 Post-Conventional Morality rights of others can override obedience to laws

Stage 5: Difference between moral and legal right, recognition that rules can be broken

Stage 6: Individual principals of conscience. Takes into account of how others are affected.

Connection to Lord of the Flies

The boys are divided into these stages

Shows why the younger ones follow the leader

Jack shows sign of Conventional but slowly he declines while Ralph hits Post-conventional after Simon dies