The Statue of Liberty

By: Blase Morin 2B

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Elements and Principles

The element of art that I used was color. I organized this to achieve the principe of design, Unity. Unity is the harmonious feeling by repeating an element through the Art work. Color was repeated to make tints and shades and create the Principle of Design Unity. The tints and shades made a harmonious feeling through the art work.

History and Culture

The Statue of liberty was an old famous art work. The meaning of the statue of liberty was that America was a free country and you can believe in what ever you wanted, you had freedom of speech, and freedom of assembly.

Art and design

The statue of liberty was a big art work and was created by the french. The Art work was split into 6 different sections for when it was being built. The reason why it was 6 sections was so that the French was able to ship it across the Atlantic Ocean. The sections were feet, legs, waist, torso, chest, and head.

Personal Response

The reason why I picked the Statue of Liberty was because of the rights it gives. Like freedoms and all such. Also because I like the Art and design in the special monument. Also because it is a very special type of monument to everyones life because of the special freedom and if it is still standing we all know we are free.