Tamarins in Towering Trees!!!

Come help restore the tamarin populations with Proyectotiti!

What is a Tamarin?

Tamarins are a species of monkey that live in the Latin/South American rainforests. They come in four varieties: Cotton-tops, Golden Lions, Golden-Headed, Emperor, and Pied.

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Parts of a Tamarin

Tamarins have warm fur that keep them comfy in the chilly undergrowth. Golden Lions, Cotton-Tops, and Golden-Headed tamarins use names based on their fur color. They have climby hands that help them climb up to 10 ft. high. Lastly, they all have tails longer than the rest of their body.

Tamarin here, on the phone!

Tamarins have an advanced system of calling that matches advanced bird calls, and surpass most calling systems, here is a video of it:

The Area

Purple areas show the areas that tamarins live. These include Bolivia, Brazil, Columbia, Ecuador, Guinea, Peru, and Suriname. Their biggest populations are in Columbia, then Brazil. Cotton-tops only live in Columbia. The areas are all mainly in Amazonia

Long, Long ago.

Back around 6000 B.C.E., Humans invaded central-south America. A common food for them was monkeys. (if) tamarins existed back then, it would've been less damaging. Why? The people would have to go out and hunt them, not stay in a machine and kill some amount of tamarins every minute. More tamarins are killed from chopper and gun than blowgun and dart today. As time progressed, their enemies became more numerous.

Jungle, going going gone!!!

The Jungle is disappearing 6,000 acres an hour, and this doesn't help tamarin populations. It has risen to the top of the list for killers of tamarins and ecologists fear that the northern colombian Cotton-Top population may disappear if no action is taken to mollify this rate.
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Diffrences and Similarities

Whilst tamarins are all similar (they're all a subspecies of monkey, for example), There can be differences, for example - color:

Gold: Golden Lion, Golden-Headed
Brown/Whiskered: Pied, Cotton-top, Emperor

I can show any combination of Tamarin with simple checks, so I'll be using a more advanced one...

Golden Lion vs. Cotton-Top

Golden Lions can be similar and yet very different to cotton tops. Here is a chart:

1. Big Area
2. Bright Color
3. Furry
4. Live in 1 country
5. Exported for research

Golden Lion 1. Yes 2. Yes 3. Yes 4. No 5. No

Cotton-Top 1. No 2. No 3. Yes 4. Yes 5. Yes


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Death by Deforestation

Sadly, the Jungle is shrinking very quickly. 6,000 acres every hour are cleared. Think of a large home with multiple backyards and a barn. That would be about five acres. Now, think of 1,200 estates the size of that, all filled with trees. 1 hour later, it's ALL gone. This could'nt be good. Every day, 28,800 of these estates are cleared, about the size of Panama. Today, tamarin populations have dropped to critically endangered and are slowly and unstably rising. Tamarins face extinction, in fact just 1 day of cutting down Colombian rainforest could make the cute Cotton-Top Tamarins extinct.


The form above shows actions takeable. The problem is shown, but the solution is not as evident. However, a colombian-based organization called proyectotiti:

http://www.proyectotiti.com/en-us/ helps cotton-tops and in this way helps save the rain forest and other tamarins from facing extinction. You can either donate or buy an item which the proceeds go towards saving tamarins.

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Q & A

Q. How can I help?

A. Donate to proyectotiti.

Q. Where is help needed the most?

A. Northern Colombia

Q. Is it better to donate or buy an item?

A. Donate, as it gives 100% proceeds to the organization.