What to Expect

When your expecting

Germinal Stage (0-2 weeks)

-Cells are starting to devide.

-Egg is implanting into uterus.

-Amnion, placenta, and umbilical cord are forming.

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Embryonic Stage (2-9 weeks)

-Internal organs are forming.

-Vertebrae and spinal column are forming.

-Eyes and ears are forming.

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Fetal Stage (9 weeks -birth)

-Limbs, hands, feet, fingers, and toes are forming.

-Laugo growing.

-Eyebrows and eyelashes are growing.

-Facial features forming.

-Vernix covering body (waxy coating)

-Fetus grows rapidly during the end of your pregnancy.

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What you should do

1. Eat well.

2. Take a supplement.

3. Be careful about food hygeine.

4. No alcohol.

5. Stop smoking.

Symptoms include


-Problems with urination.

-Vaginal discharge.